“Axcis is our first port of call for all temps and permanent staff.” (Axcis client)


I just thought I would take a few minutes to tell you, although you already know, how good our Axcis consultant is. As a nation we are very quick to tell people how bad things are but we rarely comment on the good things.

Our consultant is so perceptive of the temps that we needed and really got every one of them right. She is helpful with invoice and timesheet problems and always gets them sorted out immediately. I have phoned her twice now for emergency cover and she has had the person there within an hour or so of me calling. That’s what I call service!!

We currently have four temps from Axcis and everyone has brought their own values to the positions they do. Axcis is our first port of call for all temps and permanent staff, and if our consultant can’t help then she is honest and tells us that. That’s an honesty that a lot of recruitment agencies lack and they send any old person in as it’s a booking but that’s why we always go to Axcis first with all our requirement needs.

Many thanks,

HR Administrator