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In this section of the Axcis blog, you will find articles, classroom resources and much more to support your SEND practice. For a quick summary of what’s available, take a look at our SEND Resources Overview. We hope that you’ll find what you are looking for on here. If not, get in touch and let us know what you need, and we will do our best to find it and add it!

We found some GREAT resources at nasen Live 2017…

We were very proud to sponsor nasen Live 2017 last week – the day was a great success all round, with plenty of seminars and talks, loads of useful resources, products and services – and all the tea and biscuits

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How to teach children with ADHD – guest post

Do you need some tips on supporting children with ADHD in the classroom? If so, then this guest post is a must-read!   Countries around the world may differ in their GDP, religion, or lifestyle. What I noticed, though, during

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How can we improve outcomes in a broken system? Blog by Gareth Morewood

The initial promise of the SEND reforms has been replaced with confusion, frustration and delays. The system works well for no one, least of all our children and young people.   Back in September 2014, there was a lot of

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Spotlight on FASD – now thought to be as prevalent as autism in our young people

FASD, or Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is on the rise in our schools and is now thought to affect as many of our young people as autism does (around 1 in 100 students). Learn more about it here as well

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Best Boosts For Education That Work For Everyone (guest post)

Every parent wants to know how they can help their child get the most out of their education. Your role is more than just helping out with homework, though. If you want to find ways that will help you and

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Manifestos, SEND and Education – an insight from Dr Rona Tutt OBE (guest post) #GE2017

Dr Rona Tutt OBE is a highly respected member of the education community. We are very grateful to her for providing this article for us. In it, she takes a look at the political manifestos and provides an insight in

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25 Tips for working with children with ADHD

Do you work with children who have ADHD? Do you need some advice on how to effectively provide support? Our partners at nasen have published this excellent resource – take a look and let us know what you think of

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5 Tips for preventing heat stress in children with SEND

We all know that we should keep children (and ourselves) cool in summer to prevent heat stress or any other heat related problems. But what can you do as a parent, teacher or carer to ensure your children enjoy the heat,

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Take the “Happiness Challenge” with your class today with this free workbook

This week, we bring you this lovely (and FREE) happiness workbook. Bring a little sunshine into your classroom and help your students to understand what makes them happy and how they can affect their own happiness.    At Axcis, we

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The value of early maths for prematurely born children

It is now known that children who were born prematurely have different brain structures to “neurotypical” children. What can we do to best support these children both at home and at school?    At a recent NAHT Conference, the eminent Professor Barry

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