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Are you thinking of moving from a mainstream teaching or education role to one in the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) sector? Are you looking for more information and support to help you make the decision? If so, then this section of the Axcis blog is for you! You’ll find information about training and support as well as what to expect in many SEND schools. If you fail to find what you’re looking for here, why not get in touch with Axcis for further advice – your local office would be pleased to help!

How supply work can benefit your education career

Supply work isn’t just a back up option, it can genuinely benefit your career – here’s how. 1 – It can significantly broaden your experience Working on a supply basis means you that you may be in a different school

The Role of the SENCO

What does a SENCO do? How do you become a SENCO? Find out more about the role of the SENCO here. What does SENCO stand for? SENCO stands for special educational needs co-ordinator. What does a SENCO do? The SENCO

5 Reasons to consider teaching SEND instead of leaving the profession

Are you thinking about leaving the teaching profession? Have you thought about teaching special educational needs instead? If not, here are 5 reasons why it could reinvigorate your love for teaching. 1 – You want more 1-1 time with each of your students A common complaint

Moving into special needs teaching and need to ace a trial day/lesson?

Are you in the midst of moving from working in mainstream schools to special needs schools? Do you need advice on how to perform well at a sample lesson/day? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you.

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Why you should consider teaching special needs

Don’t think teaching special needs is for you? This might change your mind.   When I asked a teacher the other day why they didn’t want to consider special needs as a possible career path, they said: I don’t know

Looking for education jobs? 5 Reasons to choose Axcis for SEND

Are you looking for a teaching or support role? Do you feel worn down by endless application packs and trawling the newspapers and internet to find education jobs to apply for? Here are 5 reasons to give Axcis a try. 1 –

Special educational needs teacher job profile

What does a special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) teacher do? How many hours a week do they work? What do they get paid and what qualifications and experience do you need to find work in this field? What does a SEND

SEN TA Jobs with Axcis

Are you a special needs teaching assistant (SEN TA?) Or would you like to become one? Do you need work in this area? Then look no further – Axcis can help! What does an SEN TA do? The role of

Are you looking for special educational needs work experience? Axcis can help!

Are you thinking of making the move to special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) teaching or support work but don’t know what to expect? Are you looking to secure work experience to help you make a decision on whether its’ the

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I didn’t think I could be a special needs teacher, but then I read this!

Are you a newly qualified teacher looking for your first job? Or an experienced teacher in a mainstream school looking for a new challenge? If you haven’t considered teaching pupils with special needs before, read on to find out if it