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Should foster children be so easily disposable? (Guest Blog)

As you bake cookies, make decorations and buy endless presents for the kids in your life, spare a thought for those cast aside. Our regular guest blogger and SEMH school leader Graham Chatterley shares his views on why children in

Planning for an autism friendly Christmas (guest post)

Sue Goldman is an autism education specialist offering support, advice and teaching to autistic children, their families and educational settings. She has kindly written us this guest post about planning for an autism friendly Christmas.     Music, glitter, festive

Why we promote outdoor learning (guest post)

In October, our partners at nasen held their annual awards ceremony, which celebrated excellence in special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Gilbrook Primary School were nominated for an “Excellent Practice in Primary School Award”. Although they didn’t win on this

New app can help you get to the root of challenging behaviour (guest post)

Graham Chatterley is a regular guest blogger for Axcis. As a school leader in an SEMH setting, he knows all about how “challenging” behaviour can be a mask for other SEND needs. His new app aims to help other professionals to identify

Bullying – An Emotional Issue, by Dr. Emily Lovegrove, AKA “The Bullying Doctor” (Guest Blog)

Dr Emily Lovegrove (BSc. PhD), AKA “The Bullying Doctor” is a psychologist who specialises in developing successful anti-bullying strategies. She is a popular speaker and trainer in this area, as well as being the author of ‘Help! I’m being bullied’. She has very

Nurture their passion and they might indulge yours! (guest post)

An SEMH school leader, Graham Chatterley has become a regular guest-blogger for Axcis. In this post, he discusses the importance of involving children with music and creative arts. Especially if we want them to “behave”. At his school, some of the

Whole School SEND Consortium covers all of England with SEND Expertise (Guest Post – nasen)

Our friends at nasen have made the following announcement, which we are thrilled to share with readers of the Axcis blog:   Whole School SEND is delighted to confirm the appointment of Regional SEND Leaders for every Regional School Commissioner

Challenging Education – Exclusive Promotional Discount Code for Axcis Readers (Guest Post)

Clare Edmondson is director of Changing Behaviour UK LTD. In her guest post for Axcis, she tells us about her teaching journey and how she came to run her own specialist company. She has also kindly offered our readers an

Child Mental Health Difficulties are rising at an alarming rate. What can we do to slow it down? (Guest post)

An SEMH school leader, Graham Chatterley has become a regular guest-blogger for Axcis. In this post, he discusses the rising issue of child mental health difficulties and what can be done to help our young people before it’s too late.

Preparing to support your pupils with SEND (nasen guest post)

How can you prepare to support children with SEND in the new school year? Alex Grady, Education Deveolopment Officer for nasen, has kindly provided us with this essential guidance in her guest blog for Axcis.   Getting off to a positive