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How to teach children with ADHD – guest post

Do you need some tips on supporting children with ADHD in the classroom? If so, then this guest post is a must-read!   Countries around the world may differ in their GDP, religion, or lifestyle. What I noticed, though, during

Why I left the teaching profession (guest post)

This is a guest post submitted by an anonymous teacher.   Teachers are constantly told how important detailed and concise feedback is to aid the development and learning of their students. And quite rightly so – we need to know

Best Boosts For Education That Work For Everyone (guest post)

Every parent wants to know how they can help their child get the most out of their education. Your role is more than just helping out with homework, though. If you want to find ways that will help you and

Manifestos, SEND and Education – an insight from Dr Rona Tutt OBE (guest post) #GE2017

Dr Rona Tutt OBE is a highly respected member of the education community. We are very grateful to her for providing this article for us. In it, she takes a look at the political manifestos and provides an insight in

Is your school or setting following the SEND Code of Practice? Alex Grady from nasen offers support and advice for schools

Huge thanks to our colleagues at nasen for submitting this guest post for us. Alex Grady, nasen Education Development Officer talks about the SEND Code of Practice and offers advice for schools still struggling to implement it.   The SEND

Using skills competitions to motivate older teenagers and young adults – a guest post by Clare Howard, Natspec CEO

Clare Howard, Natspec CEO writes this interesting guest post for us about how to use skills competitions to help motivate older teens and young adults. If you work with secondary or FE students, this article is a must-read!   As children

NAHT and SEND – a guest post by Dr Rona Tutt OBE

We are thrilled to have Dr Rona Tutt OBE write this guest post for us ahead of the upcoming NAHT conference. Find out about changes to the SEND sector in the last year as well as why you should come to

Planning for Difficult Christmas Situations: A Blog Post by Andrew Whitehouse

The excitement of Christmas and routine changes can be very difficult for children. This post focuses on three challenging areas families face during Christmas: giving and receiving presents, managing overstimulation and excitement, and understanding routine changes.   1. Present Giving

Make your classroom more autism friendly by colour coding their way…

Adele Devine shares her tips on colour coding your classroom to make it more autism friendly. About Adele Adele Devine is a Special Needs teacher at a school for young people with severe learning difficulties and autism in Surrey, UK.

Mentally Healthy Schools – by Lorraine Petersen OBE

About Lorraine Petersen OBE We are thrilled to publish this piece written by Lorraine Petersen OBE. Lorraine has 25 years’ experience in the mainstream school environment as a teacher and Head Teacher. From 2004 – 2013 Lorraine was CEO of