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Internationally speaking (a guest post about non verbal communication)

Dawn Brown Dawn is a teacher at an all age special school in Hertfordshire. She is the autism lead and Intensive Interaction co-ordinator. She is also an accreditation assessor for the National Autistic Society and a trainer in communication, sensory integration,

Gaming and ADHD: The Cause or the Cure? (Guest post)

  Angela Stringfellow is the managing editor at Family Living Today. She writes about family safety, parenting tips and other family-focused topics. She has kindly provided this article about ADHD and Gaming for the Axcis blog. Gaming and ADHD: The Cause

4 bits of behaviour management advice I’d give my NQT self (guest post)

Graham Chatterley Graham Chatterley is an assistant head at a school in Warrington for pupils with a range of SEMH needs. He has 4 children, the youngest 2 of which have varying ASD needs. One being very high functioning with

An insight following the Autism Professionals Conference (Guest Post)

This year, autism specialist Lynn McCann was kind enough to be our guest at the National Autistic Society’s annual Professional Conference. She has provided this guest post for the Axcis blog which gives her insight following the event. We do

8 tips for working in a behavioural unit (guest post)

  Clare Edmondson is an experienced behaviour consultant who runs a range of training for schools/settings around behaviour and mental health. In this guest blog, she shares 8 quick tips for working in such a setting.   Teaching in a

An Italian art teacher’s journey into the UK education system with Axcis. (Guest post)

Axcis candidate Emanuela Di Filippo shares the story of her journey into the UK education system in this guest blog. About me My roots run deep in Italy. Born and raised in Rome, I experienced a wonderful education in the

7 helpful ways for your child with autism to get a good night’s sleep (guest post)

  Guest blogger Sarah Cummings gives us some useful tips for helping autistic children to sleep well at night.   Getting children to sleep at night is a problem all parents face. For parents with children with autism however an

Is variety in the curriculum the prescription children with ADHD need? (Guest post)

Graham Chatterley is an assistant head at a school in Warrington for pupils with a range of SEMH needs. He has 4 children, of which the youngest 2 have varying ASD needs. One is very high functioning with some social and understanding

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Axcis February Giveaway: How to support ASC children in primary school (Lynn McCann Book)

The Axcis February Giveaway is to win this excellent book by well respected autism specialist Lynn McCann. Hear from Lynn about why she wrote the book and  enter our giveaway here. About Lynn McCann Lynn McCann is an independent Specialist Autism Teacher

National Storytelling Week and SEND (Guest post)

National Storytelling Week is now in its 18th year. This year it runs form January 27th – 3rd February. Primarily, it promotes the tradition of oral storytelling and there will be lots of events around the country in clubs, libraries,