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Here you will find blogs relevant to candidates who are either currently working for Axcis, or who might be interested in working for us in the future. We keep you informed of events, resources, legal and policy developments as well as other SEND news. From time to time, we will also let you know what’s going on at Axcis as well as internal vacancies and what our teams are up to.

Teaching Assistants – are you losing your jobs due to funding cuts? Be like Bob (or Wendy!)

Wendy helps Bob get a job This is Bob Bob is a Teaching Assistant who has just been told by the school he works for that they can no longer afford to keep him on due to funding cuts. Bob is

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Candidate of the Term Spring 2017: Nominations

Who has been nominated and why for the Axcis Candidate of the Term Spring 2017 awards? Some of the lovely nominations we have received so far are listed here, so why not take a look? Juairiya – working for Louise in our London office Juairiya

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Simple Mother’s Day craft gifts you can make with your class

Are you looking for simple, inexpensive Mother’s Day craft ideas? Then look no further! You’re sure to bring a smile to mum’s face with one of these projects. From paper flowers and pots of love to simple beauty treats for

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Special Needs Teaching Assistant Job Profile

What does a special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) teaching assistant do? How many hours a week do they work? What do they get paid and what qualifications and experience do you need to find this sort of job? What does a SEND

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Exclusive! Over 75% off NAS online autism courses for Axcis staff

As proud sponsors of the National Autistic Society, Axcis are thrilled to offer a range of NAS online autism training courses to compliment the professional development of our teachers and support staff. Find out more about what courses are on offer, how

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Students and graduates – why work for Axcis?

Are you a student or recent graduate considering teaching or support work? Find out here why Axcis could  be the perfect place to find a job! Who are Axcis? We are a specialist recruitment company offering temporary and permanent assignments.

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5 ways Axcis can boost your permanent job hunt for January…

With plenty of permanent vacancies being advertised by schools and local authorities, why would you want to involve an agency in your hunt for a permanent job? What are the benefits? Find out a few secrets of the profession here

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Autism Webchat with Tony Attwood, 11 January 2017, in association with Network Autism (#autismwebchat)

Network Autism, exclusively sponsored by Axcis, will be hosting a Webchat with Tony Attwood on the 11th January 2017 at 12pm (#autismwebchat). The session will answer your questions around autism and is FREE to participate so if you have a burning question and would like

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Candidate of the Term Autumn 2016: Nominations

Who has been nominated and why for the Axcis Candidate of the Term Autumn 2016 awards? Find out here… Mizanur – working for Louise in our London office Mizanur relates well with other members of the team, parents and has a

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Why we need EU trained staff in our schools

There is a well recognised recruitment crisis within the education profession in England and Wales. The government recently told us that there are now 15,000 more teachers in the profession than there were in 2010. However, this figure is less impressive when you consider that

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