Top ideas for teacher gift baskets

Do you have a teaching assistant going off to do a PGCE and want to wish them well with a home made gift basket? Or maybe you just want to make up a gift for a teacher and don’t know what to include. These ideas should get your juices flowing!

Teacher Training PGCE Student Planner

This lovely planner is a great idea for friends or colleagues who are going off to do a PGCE in September. It will allow teacher training PGCE (or equivalent) students to keep track of their important schedule in one place. It comes with a full month at a glance as well as an assignment due date space. This book also includes a project planner, to-do list, task list, notes and study planner.

Teacher Planner/Academic Diary

If you’re making a gift basket for a teacher rather than a trainee teacher, then this planner might be a better addition. It includes plenty of space for planning lessons, keeping records and making notes of deadlines. An essential bit of kit for the organised teacher in your life.

Pocket Tissues

A no-brainer for all teachers and classroom staff – tissues will always come in handy! Especially as we move in to the winter term of coughs and colds! Go eco-friendly with these cheeky panda tissues.

Hand Sanitiser

Keeping your hands clean in the classroom is key for all school staff – especially in light of the fact COVID is still hanging around! So why not add a bottle or two of hand sanitiser to your teacher gift baskets?


If you’ve ever worked in a school, you’ll know that mugs can be gold dust! So get your teacher a decent mug they can call their own. I liked this one, which has a bit of glam with the gold (watch out for microwaves though) and reminds us that teaching is a superpower!

Hand Cream

All that hand sanitiser is going to dry out your teacher’s hands, so adding a small tube of hand cream to their gift basket is a great idea. This one is on special at the moment, too – so get it while you can!

Whiteboard Pens

If you’ve worked in a classroom and picked up board pen after board pen only to find it doesn’t work then you’re not alone! Having your own set of whiteboard pens is invaluable, so make sure to add a set to your teacher gift basket. This set are on a great deal at the moment but plenty of others are available, too!

Essential Reading: Maximising TA’s

Rob Webster’s book, “Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants” is essential reading for all teachers, whether beginning or experienced. It’s a hugely respected, evidence-based book guiding teachers on how to get the best from the TA’s in their classroom. It’s a slightly more pricey addition to your gift basket, so may also be considered as a standalone teacher gift, but very much worth considering.

Behaviour Support Book

Behaviour management training is the most requested type of CPD requested here at Axcis, so a book on this subject is bound to go down well. Axcis Ambassador and behaviour specialist Graham Chatterley wrote the book “Building Positive Behaviour”. This book seeks to understand the language of behaviour and explain appropriate support interventions, rather than relying on the old “rewards and punishments” system which is so popular in most schools. We agree that this is a hugely forward thinking book and a treasure trove for all teachers, so would be another excellent addition for a teacher gift basket, or a standalone gift.


No teacher gift basket would be complete without snacks! I’m suggesting protein bars or raw food bars because these should provide the necessary nutrients as well as giving a sugar boost when on the go during a busy teaching day. I love “Nakd” bars because they are virtually bomb-proof (no soggy banana stinking up your bag because it’s squished under your year 10 homework books), healthy and tasty – winner!


I’ll leave this one up to you! Sometimes it’s appropriate to include alcohol in a gift basket, other times it isn’t… You probably need an idea of whether the teacher you have in mind enjoys a drink and if so what their tipple is. Failing that, something like those little handbag concentrated squash things might come in handy at school when your only drink options are often tea, coffee or water, so one of those might be nice to include, too.

Any other ideas?

Feel free to Tweet us @axcis if you have other ideas for teacher gift baskets, or if you have photos of baskets you’ve made that you’d like to share. Our teaching staff have had a tough year, so don’t forget to make them feel appreciated before school breaks up for summer, and good luck to those teaching assistants who are starting their teacher training in September. We wish you all the best!

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