Thank you from our CEO, Paul

2020-2021 has been a hard year for the vast majority of us. The uncertainty, ever changing goal posts and hardships faced by many have not gone unrecognised. That’s why, as the CEO of Axcis Education I wanted to take a moment to thank our candidates, clients, charitable partners and internal staff for their patience, support and hard work during this unprecedented period in all of our lives.

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Candidates have faced more ambiguity than ever around when they can expect to be offered work, how long schools will keep them on for and whether they will receive such benefits as furlough pay. Although Axcis consultants have worked hard to secure as much work and financial security as possible for our teachers and support staff, we realise that many have still struggled in the past year. To this end, I want to extend a huge thank you for their patience and flexibility.


To our clients I say thank you for your continued support and loyalty to Axcis. I know that COVID has brought with it a huge range of difficulties for schools and alternative provisions – from making the environment as safe as possible for the SEND and keyworker children who you continued to see in person and for the extra hours staff have put in organising online lessons, calling home to check in with families and to the provision many of your offered during what would usually have been school holidays.

Charitable partners

To our charitable partners – I am all too aware of the impact COVID has had on the charity sector and the huge decrease in fundraising opportunities that you’ve faced. Especially at a time when more people than ever have needed to lean on you for support and encouragement. My hat goes off to you and all the effort you have put into continuing to work with our SEND communities.

Internal staff

Last but not least, thank you to our own internal staff at Axcis. You have all rolled with the punches,  worked so very hard at home and accepted our need to furlough some of you in order to keep the business healthy and guarantee a future working relationship with all the stakeholders mentioned here. I am delighted to have everyone back working full time and welcoming you back to the office again very soon.  

Looking to the future

It has not been an easy year for a great many of us, but I’m pleased to report that the future looks bright for Axcis and those who work with us. We have just renewed our charitable partnerships for a further 4 years as well as signing up to be a part of major events such as nasen Live 2021 and the National SEND Conference. We continue to sponsor the National Autistic Society’s “Autism Insight – Education” and will now also be working with them on a series of “Spectrum Live” talks. In addition to this, our candidates will soon have a new app to support them while working for us as well as access to new CPD training offerings, and many of our own staff are looking forward to moving to bigger, better office spaces. We have been busy behind the scenes while COVID has been running it’s course!

A new day is dawning and at Axcis, we are pleased to welcome it.

Paul Gold, CEO Axcis Education

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