Interview advice for head of year jobs – courtesy of Twitter!

Need help with interview advice? Have you thought about reaching out on Twitter? With so many education professionals present in this online community, you could get more help than you might realise, as this candidate for a head of year job found out.

Miss Watson had a Head of Year interview coming up…

Miss Watson is a social media user who took a moment to reach out for interview advice on Twitter… ON TWITTER? I hear you ask… Well, yes. Did you know that there is a huge community of education professionals present on Twitter, and their advice is there for the taking, as Miss Watson found out when she was preparing for a HOY interview. In fact, when I had a look through the responses she received, I thought they were so varied and useful that I just had to share them on the Axcis blog because these bits of advice are pure GOLD! Thanks Miss Watson for letting me share your post!

And the advice she received:

I’m sure that you’ll agree there is some brilliant advice on here, so if you have a HOY job interview coming up, maybe you’ll find this helpful, too!

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