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Are you a parent or carer struggling with the stresses of home schooling? Do you need to enlist the help of a professional so that you can continue with your own work or duties? If the answer is yes, Axcis can help!

The pressures of home school

Home schooling has added a ton of pressure to many families during this latest lockdown. If you are struggling to cope, you are not alone. Hundreds of families across the country are experiencing challenges. Some let off steam with humour, others by seeking out help and support and others but simply getting by the best they can.

What are home schooling parents saying?

“Mummy is looking forward to another week of homeschooling like a hole in the head.” Katie Kirby

“There have been slammed doors and tantrums, too many lessons conducted in pyjama bottoms, and when they threaten to down tools entirely, I resort to bribes”. Nadia Cohen

“Home schooling has made me a bad mother – this is a mental health catastrphe for families”. Judith Woods

Distance learning support

If you feel your mental health slipping due to the pressures of home school, then the first, and safest option is to hire a tutor for distance learning support. At Axcis, we have a range of subject teachers, tutors and support staff who can help you. But how might this work?

How would distance learning support work?

Once you explain your child’s age and learning needs to us, we can put you in touch with a suitable tutor. This tutor can discuss the needs of your child with you and work out an appropriate learning plan. Different schools are setting work in different ways, so the approach will be tailored on an individual basis. For example, if your child has been sent a work pack by the school and asked to complete particular tasks or worksheets, the tutor could be sent a copy of this and can then use an online platform to provide live, in-person support to your child. Often, children will be much more responsive to a 3rd party tutor than they are to a family member asking them to complete work.

How would in-person tutoring work?

Alternatively, Axcis can provide you with a teacher or member of support staff who can come into your home and provide in-person support for your child. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, you will need to do a risk assessment and ensure that your environment is COVID safe. We would advise that you ask tutors to wear a face mask or shield where possible and ensure there is suitable sanitation and ventilation when tutoring. If you or your tutor are showing virus symptoms then PLEASE remember to isolate and protect those around you from potential infection.

Government guidance

Further places to get more information about staying safe include the government website – which has plenty of advice – we would suggest that you take a look at the below before booking a member of staff:

Get in touch to find out more

If you would like to have a no-obligation conversation with one of our consultants about how to proceed from here, feel free to get in touch with your local Axcis office. Details of our branches can be found here.

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