5 COVID safe Halloween activities

Not sure about the safety of traditional trick or treating or having a Halloween party this year? Why not take a look at these other suggestions for COVID safe Halloween activities you can do with the kids instead?

Happy Halloween from Andy and Lionel!

1 Halloween treasure hunt

Why not organise a treasure hunt instead of trick or treating this year? There are plenty of different ways you could do this. For example:

  • You could organise different friends and family in the area to display a letter in the window of their houses – kids take a note pad and pen with them, you provide a map and they have to go and “find” all the letters and unscramble the word to get a prize of an individual bag of sweets when they tell you the spooky word that’s revealed. This could also work around a more condensed school or home setting but perhaps without the map element.
  • Rather than “collecting” letters, you could have children do the above but with spooky Halloween animals/items – for example you could put up pictures of spiders, pumpkins etc. and the children could complete a spooky checklist of all the ones they find before collecting their treat at the end. To add to this idea, you could put a number with each item and ask the children to add up the total to get their prize.
  • Pumpkin trail – why not keep it simple and just take your children for a walk and to see how many pumpkins they can spot? You could award a sweet for each one they find.

2 COVID safe trick or treating

If you are planning on going trick or treating, take a bottle of hand sanitiser with you and encourage children to clean their hands between each house visited, and wear a mask as part of their costume. If you are keen to still be able to offer something sweet to door-knocking trick or treaters this year, why not steer clear of the communal bowl and put out individual sweets instead to help limit the spread of the virus? But how can you do this? Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Put a carved pumpkin outside your home with individually wrapped lolly pops pushed into it (essentially using it as a stand). Children can then take a treat for themselves without touching any of the other lolly pops.
  • Offer sweets such as individually packaged small Haribo bags or fun size chocolate bars. But instead of putting them in a bowl, hang them using some string from a “spooky treat tree” in your garden and invite children to collect one each.

3 Online Halloween quiz

Why not organise a spooky quiz and get a few friends involved via Zoom (or any other video conferencing application)? You could still dress up and put your favourite Halloween music on in the background to give it a Halloween party feel? It could be a “just for fun” activity, or the organiser could have a box of sweets on hand ready to deliver to the winning household. For quiz question ideas, have a look online – the NSPCC offer a short/simple quiz, and this website also has plenty of ready-made quiz questions for you to use.

4 Fancy dress/dance off competition

Don’t fancy a quiz? Why not use Zoom to run a Halloween Fancy Dress or Dance Off competition with friends/family members? You’ll need to assign someone as the accepted judge and make sure they are taking all entries into account fairly but this is an option which may suit younger children more than doing a quiz – after all, who wants to sit still, listen and do writing? Not my 6 year old!!

5 Tricky treat hunt!

In the same way that you might have an Easter Egg Hunt in spring, why not organise a Tricky Treat Hunt for Halloween this year? If doing this for a group of friends and family to join in with, treats should be hidden outside and well spaced out to encourage children to socially distance. It is useful if the person doing the hiding keeps track of where the treats are so that they can give any children who are struggling to find something a helping hand! Children also love a torch! So if you are doing this at night, why not give them a torch each to do their hunt with? (It will also help you to keep track of where they are if you are doing this in a particularly dark area!) Make sure that the children know not to swap torches or treats if doing this in a larger group.

Submit your ideas

If you have any other ideas for COVID-safe Halloween activities, why not add them to the comments below? We’d love to hear from you!

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