Axcis Candidates: How to update your day to day supply availability online

If you are registered with Axcis and have met one of our consultants face-to-face, you will have access to an online availability diary. Don’t forget to keep this up to date so we know when to call you for work. Here’s a reminder of how it works.

1. Log into the Axcis Website

You should have a username and password which allows you to log into the Axcis website (if you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one online which will be emailed to you).

2. Click on “supply days”

Once you are logged in, you should see in the left hand menu that you have access to a “supply days” button. Click on this…

3. Select the days you are available for work

You should now see a screen as shown below. Simply click on the days you are available for work to turn them green. Days shown as red indicate that you already have bookings for work with Axcis on those days, and any you leave blue will tell us that you’re not available.

4. Don’t forget to save your changes

Finally, make sure you click on the save button – as shown on the bottom right of the screen shot above. This will ensure that your changes do not get lost when you log back out of the Axcis website. By keeping your diary as up to date as possible, you will ensure that our team know when to contact you for work, so it’s well worth checking it on a regular basis. Please note that you can update up to 3 months of your availability at any one time.

Do you know anyone else seeking SEND teaching or support work?

Don’t forget that we run a generous refer-a-friend scheme, so if you know anyone else who is looking for special needs teaching or support work, check out how to refer them to Axcis here

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