Top Blogs of 2019

What were our most popular blogs of 2019? Find out here and see if you missed any of these little gems!

Andy and Lionel bring you our top blogs of 2019 – enjoy!

Do Winnie The Pooh characters really represent different mental health disorders?

There are various reports on the web suggesting that each character in Winnie the Pooh represents a different mental disorder, but what are they, and is it true?

Challenges I face while working as a TA and how I overcome them

We asked our teaching assistants what sort of challenges they face while working in the classroom, and how they overcome them. The answers were so useful and insightful that we felt they would be great for anyone who is currently a TA, or thinking about becoming one.

What’s it like to work in a PRU? Find out and apply here

What is a pupil referral unit (PRU)? What is it like to work in one? How do you get a PRU job? And how do you know if it’s the right setting for you? Find out the answers to these questions and more here.

5 Tips for being a successful education recruitment consultant

Thinking about becoming an education recruitment consultant? Want to know more about it? Here is my top 5 tips on what it takes to be great at the job.

4 Bits of behaviour management advice I’d give my NQT self

Graham Chatterley is an assistant head at a school in Warrington for pupils with a range of SEMH needs. He has 4 children, the youngest 2 of which have varying ASD needs. One being very high functioning with some social and understanding difficulties, however managing well in Mainstream Primary. The other having significant ASD, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder needs requiring an SLD setting. This has put Graham in an unusual position of experiencing both sides of Special Education Needs which has aided his understandings of both. He has kindly provided this guest post for the Axcis blog.

10 Tips for an autism friendly classroom

Autism is prevalent in our mainstream as well as special schools. If you need advice for supporting those on the spectrum while at school then look no further – our top ten tips will get you well on your way.

Children with high functioning autism in SEMH settings. Are they failing at education or is education failing them? (Guest post)

An SEMH school leader, Graham Chatterley has become a regular guest-blogger for Axcis. In this post, he discusses the suitability of an SEMH setting for students with high functioning autism, and what mainstream settings can do to better support children on the spectrum.

Top tips for new TAs, from experienced TAs

We asked our teaching assistants what advice they would give to those who are new to the profession and this is what they had to say…

Refer your friends to Axcis and earn up to £250 in shopping vouchers

Refer your friends to Axcis, and not only will you be helping them to find work, but you will also earn up to £250 in shopping vouchers* – everyone’s a winner!

Moving into special needs teaching and need to ace a trial day/lesson?

Are you in the midst of moving from working in mainstream schools to special needs schools? Do you need advice on how to perform well at a sample lesson/day? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you.

Are you seeking SEND work in 2020 in England or Wales?

If you’re looking for a new challenge in 2020 and would like the opportunity to work with children or young adults with special educational needs and disabilities, why not register with Axcis, the SEND recruitment specialists? From short-term/flexible supply work to long-term and permanent contracts, we have opportunities available at a range of levels – from entry level teaching assistant jobs to specialist teaching, therapy and leadership posts. Register on our website or email us a CV and we will be in touch to discuss how we can help.

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