Simple Halloween Craft Ideas with Forest School and PE links!

Halloween is coming

At Axcis, we are always on the lookout for simple, fun craft ideas which you can do with your classes. We’ve found a selection of simple Halloween craft ideas which you could try in the run up to October 31st.


These Halloween craft ideas are especially good if you have a forest school or like to do woodland crafts with your classes. Using mostly natural materials, you can create some great decorations. This can be combined with a lovely woodland walk to gather the materials, too!

Hazel Broomstick

Broomstick craft!

All you need for this activity is a length of hazel (or any other wood) about 4 feet in length plus some bunches of thinner sticks/bushy off-cuts. You may need to use a saw to cut lengths down (cue: adult help!) and you may also like to use some secateurs to trim your broom head to an even length once you finish. The only other item you’ll need is some twine or string and you’re good to go!


Simply bunch your twiggy sections up around one end, tie on tightly with string and trim. Be careful with this activity as swinging sticks can easily whack into other children but provided there is enough space and adequate adult help/supervision, this is a fantastic activity to do with children at Halloween. Oh, and you could even tie in some PE and have some broomstick races after!


Conker Spiders

Conker Spider

You’ll need to pre-drill some holes in conkers for this activity, but once you have done that, most children will love choosing pipe cleaner legs for their little eight-legged friend! Add some googly eyes and a string to hang it from and voila! you have a conker spider. Such a simple, fun and engaging activity for children to get involved with – why not give it a try?


Pine Cone Bats

Pine cone bat

Our third and final idea for some Halloween craft activities is a pine cone bat. Once you have collected a decent range of pine cones, either provide pre-cut felt/paper shapes, or give children a template to use and they can get decorating! You can also tie some string around if it you’d like to hang this (but remember that bats sleep upside-down, so if you’re making a sleepy bat, why not curl it’s wings around it and hang it upside-down?)


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