Candidate of the Term: Summer 2019 Nominations

Who has been nominated and why for the Axcis Candidate of the Term Summer 2019 awards? Some of the lovely nominations we have received are listed here. Why not take a look?

Diana, working for Laurence (Axcis South West)

She truly is brilliant.  Diana settled in immediately, using her initiative and being proactive in supporting the children.  She doesn’t wait to be asked or given permission, she naturally uses her intuition to meet the children where they are and gently encourage them .  She has a natural way with our most vulnerable learners, making them feel safe and cared for.  The children warmed to her instantly and look forward to her being in class.  Diana has made all the difference to one of our CiC offering her stability and predictability in this somewhat chaotic time in her life. I am very thankful for this.  No task is too big for Diana.  She has so much knowledge and experience she leaves the team in awe! On top of all this she has the most radiant smile which lifts everyone’s spirits and makes us feel as though anything is possible, which is definitely needed at this time of year.  She is total amazeballs!

Sue and Leanne, working for Cassie (Axcis North Wales)

I would like to nominate both Sue and Leanne for candidates of the term. Both ladies have shown a real dedication to their students with additional learning needs, having been very adaptable and focused to get their students results.

Tom, working for Cassie (Axcis North Wales)

Tom has been working in my class for several months.  He has a very pleasant calm manner with the children. He is firm but fair and the children really like him.  He works with very challenging children most of the time and he has developed a range of strategies to manage different behaviors and turn negative behavior around.  He takes direction well and has learnt skills from example.  He is willing to have a go at different jobs and support different children at last minute. He can also adapt to many situations.

Stuart, working for Tamsin (Axcis Devon & Cornwall)

Since beginning at WESC on a five day temporary term (second half of the summer term), he has quickly gained a reputation as a highly skilled, knowledgeable and positive colleague who is student focused in all he does.   He has met the challenges involved in taking on a complex group of students and had galvanised a disparate group of staff to create an effective and purposeful learning environment. Had we been able to offer Him a permanent role, I would have done so without hesitation.  I am happy to give more information if required. 

Saaraa, working for Louise (Axcis London)

I would like to nominate Saaraa as someone who has become a valuable member of the Learning support team, has carried her duties and responsibilities in a very professional manner, has shown great care towards the kids and she has been very reliable person and pleasure to work with.”

Colette, working for Simi (Axcis London)

Colette is absolutely second to none as an LSA – I remember when she came to us she didn’t feel she had much direct LSA experience but she is outstanding – she really shines in her role – thought you should know – all the tutors here and the students adore her – she has brilliant communication skills, built rapport quickly and adapts to support a variety of SEN needs. She is very valued here. Felt it important to give you feedback on Colette as she particularly stands out for me a strong LSA-it seems to come very naturally to her; she has made a real difference in her time here so far.

Mansur, working for Blake (Axcis London)

I would like to Nominate Mansur. He works very well with all the students , he is very professional in all he do’s and nothing is to much for him. All students have accepted him.

Ubah, working for Helena (Axcis London)

Ubah has worked this year with a student with  considerably challenging behaviour she has approached this role with a wonderful sense of calm which has had a positive affect on her the student. Her efforts are appreciated by all of us here at the college.

Nominations are now closed

Nominations for Candidate of the Term are now closed. However, if you have an Axcis contractor who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, why not get in touch with us to nominate them for next terms awards? We appreciate every nomination, and so do our candidates! Winners for these awards will be announced soon – so watch this space!

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