Candidate of the Term Summer 2019: More Nominations!

Who has been nominated and why for the Axcis Candidate of the Term Summer 2019 awards? Some of the lovely nominations we have received are listed here. Why not take a look?

Louise, working for Blake (Axcis London)

I would definitely nominate Louise. She has been amazing and invaluable. One of the most positive people that’s ever worked with children and so skilled at what she does! we are so sad she’s leaving us.

Katie, working for Vicki (Axcis Midlands)

I would like to nominate Katie. Her support with one of our Early Years children has been really invaluable. She has gone above and beyond her agreed role and responsibilities. She has created resources and planned activities in her own time. She has worked closely with me, the child’s family, other agencies that are involved with the child and the other pupils in the class to build strong and positive working relationships. This has meant the child in her care has had regular, consistent, structured and appropriate sensory provision that has meant he has made huge strides in his development. This child now has a set routine, is starting to interact with his peers and has actually learnt to queue!! His mum and I were astounded. It is all thanks to Katie, her experience, patience and perseverance.

Zulakha, working for Vicki (Axcis Midlands)

I would like to nominate Zulakha. She is patient, flexible and always put the needs of the child she supports first. Zulakha works well as part of a year group team and takes on board advice from specialist outside agencies in order to improve the outcomes for children. She would be a model candidate for this award and I highly recommend her.

Fiona, working for Sorcha (Axcis London)

I’d like to nominate Fiona – for her patience and ability to work in a really challenging room

Steve, working for Sorcha (Axcis London)

We’d like to nominate Steve for his enthusiasm when working with all our students

Jordon, working for Sorcha (Axcis London)

I’d like to nominate Jordon – for being very flexible and able to work with anyone

Chamari, working for Sorcha (Axcis London)

Chamari – for being a positive role model for students and staff. Her intensive interaction skills are amazing

Elisabeth and Sarah, working for Blake (Axcis London)

We’d like to nominate Elisabeth and Sarah for the Axcis Candidate of the Term award because every class always wants them back!

Peter, working for Blake (Axcis London)

We’d like to nominate Peter, because all our teachers fight over who can have him on a Friday!

Sthefanny, working for Camelia (Axcis London)

I would like to nominate Sthefanny for the Candidate of Term. Sthefanny has proven to be an exceptional TA: flexible, reliable and with initiative. She is bale to build rapport with both students and staff. She is an excellent communicator and has proven to be an invaluable member of the team. Sthefanny was very successful working with students that are in danger of exclusion and have complex behaviour, emotional and mental health needs. She worked with the most challenging young people in the school.

Emily, working for Cassie (Axcis North Wales)

Emily is a very thoughtful and very productive in her work. She has given so much to the school this year from working so hard with her 1 to 1 pupil to teaching our disco dancing group. Every day she comes in to school with a positive, fresh outlook and always a smile.

Oliver, working for Louise (Axcis London)

We’ like to nominate Oliver for the following reasons: He is personable – instantly liked by students and staff. He is proactive, a good communicator and a team player. He is sensitive to the importance of preserving the dignity and well-being of students with physical disabilities who need intimate care. He does not take himself too seriously and has a sense of humor while respecting the responsibilities of the role. He is willing and hardworking, and he puts our young people first

Crystal, working for Louise (Axcis London)

I would like to nominate Crystal. She has been such an asset.  Since I took over as SEN Lead this year I have found her to be extremely reliable, flexible and willing to take on a challenge.  She has demonstrated a wide variety of skills that have enabled me to place her in any position, whether general or 1:1, and be assured that she will do a good job.  Crystal has managed some of our more challenging children and has never moaned.  In fact, I think she takes it as a compliment.  She has joined sessions of CPD through her own choice and has also helped during after school events, such as our Summer Fair the other day.  She is not worried about ‘getting her hands dirty’ – you will always find her in the thick of things.  She is very supportive of her colleagues and will help them when she sees they need it. Crystal is a good communicator and will pass on relevant information at precisely the right time.  She also has very good organisational skills. I find her a very calming influence.  She has run errands for me or passed on important messages and they always get where they need to and the information is presented accurately. I am so pleased that Crystal can continue with us next year.  

Nominations are now closed

Nominations for Candidate of the Term are now closed. However, if you have an Axcis contractor who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, why not get in touch with us to nominate them for next terms awards? We appreciate every nomination, and so do our candidates! Winners for these awards will be announced soon – so watch this space!

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