Axcis Refer-a-Friend FAQs and Feedback

How does the Axcis refer-a-friend scheme work? What are our most frequently asked questions about it and what do those who have used the scheme have to say? Find out here. 

How does the Axcis refer-a-friend scheme work?

The Axcis refer-a-friend scheme is simple – either tell us about someone you know who is looking for work (always ask permission before passing along personal details). Or ask them to register online, citing you as their referee (one of the questions in our registration process). When they have completed 20 days of work, you’ll be eligible for some shopping vouchers – and they will, too! Full details of the scheme can be found here. 

Axcis refer-a-friend FAQs

Here are some of the questions we often get asked about our refer-a-friend scheme, along with the answers!

1. When will I get my payment?

By far the most frequently asked question we get about our refer-a-friend scheme is when people can expect to get paid! In order to qualify for your payment, the person you have referred to us needs to have worked at least 20 days. These must be full days of employment, so if they are working part-time, we will need to wait until they have accrued the equivalent of their 20 days of work before you’ll be eligible for your payment, which will be in the form of a shopping voucher.

2. Will I get my vouchers automatically?

We try to ensure that we keep track of candidates who have been referred to us, but we may sometimes miss one. Therefore, if you think you are owed a payment under this scheme and have not yet received it, simply get in touch and we will check into it for you and issue a referral voucher if it’s due to be paid out.

3. Can I choose what sort of voucher I get?

We use Amazon vouchers because Amazon sell pretty much everything! That way, whatever you want to get with your refer-a-friend voucher, you should be able to get it. We regret that we do not offer to issue cash payments or vouchers for other retailers.

4. Can I refer more than one friend to Axcis?

Yes! We love it when people refer more than one person to us. In fact, last year, we had one person who referred 5 people to us, and got almost £1000 in referral vouchers – why not do the same?

5. Does the person being referred get anything, too?

Yes! In fact we have just updated our scheme – so from now on, when we pay referral vouchers to the referee, the person being referred will also get a £20 voucher by way of a thank-you for commencing work with Axcis.

What do referrers and referees say about the scheme?


I think the refer a friend scheme is a wonderful idea as it gives an incentive of which I have been fortunate to receive Amazon vouchers twice. Also good for the company knowing the person being referred will meet the criteria required. I recently had a very large funky red suitcase with which to go on my travels. Also had books, make up and a poster to name just a few items.
Thank you, Peta Oseland.

I referred a friend to Axcis and they quickly got work. They seemed happy and after they’d worked for 20 days, I was able to get my shopping vouchers, which was great. I got some new work clothes and resources with the money. I’d definitely refer a friend to Axcis again if I knew anyone else looking for work! Daniel. 

Candidates referred:

I was referred to Axcis via the refer-a-friend scheme and was so happy I made the contact…after all the paperwork, etc was in order, I was very quickly placed in a wonderful role at an Independent school in April and I have been in this role ever since. If I have any friends looking for roles, I would definitely use the refer-a-friend scheme, it would be a win-win situation for us both! Thanks Axcis! Kelly Louden

During my tenure at a small number of schools around west London with Axcis,  I enjoyed working with all concerned – particularly Martin and Nicola, my London consultants. The safeguarding was excellent – especially regarding pupils as well as myself. The professional development offered allowed me to enhance my skills. And while it may not seem all that relevant, I appreciated the understanding and good consideration with bereavement and sick leave I was allowed on short notice. Thanks also to the Axcis team for bidding me a nice farewell when I did work for a school permanently which wouldn’t have happened without the introduction from Axcis! Musa. 

The recruitment process was very efficient with a relaxed interview followed by DBS application and Welsh Education Workforce Council document applications. I found the AXCIS staff very supportive and reassuring during my introduction to SEND work. Judith.

Would you like to refer a friend or seek SEND work?

If you are looking for teaching or teaching assistant/support work in schools, why not check out our jobs pages or register with Axcis today? Or if you’re already registered but know someone else who is looking for work, why not refer them to us using our refer-a-friend scheme? You could both benefit from some vouchers, so what’s to lose?

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