What Axcis have been up to during World Autism Awareness Week 2019

Here at Axcis Education Recruitment, we are proud to support the National Autistic Society. As part of this, we have been actively involved in World Autism Awareness Week 2019. Not only have we sponsored the Schools Pack being offered by our partners, we’ve also been running activities all week in our offices across England and Wales. Find out more here.

About Axcis and the National Autistic Society

Axcis has been in partnership with the National Autistic Society since 2011. Since the start of this relationship we have worked together on a range of initiatives, from developing free online webinars about autism, to live Twitter chats with top autism researchers and professionals as well as many training events, seminars, and conferences. Axcis also sponsors Network Autism, the National Autistic Society’s vital online service created to bring autism professionals together across more than 12 professional sectors and from 90 countries. In 2015 the National Autistic Society also launched their “MyWorld” campaign – with the support of Axcis Education – to enhance autism awareness, training, and resources in schools.

About World Autism Awareness Week

Pioneered by the National Autistic Society (NAS), World Autism Awareness Week aims to draw attention to the 700,000 people living with autism in the UK – both to educate those unaware of the condition, and to help make the world friendlier to those who are affected by it.

How Axcis has supported World Autism Awareness Week 2019

To help schools up and down the country get involved in World Autism Awareness Week, Axcis are proud to have sponsored the Schools Pack, provided free of charge by the National Autistic Society. In addition to this, we have also been running activities in our offices across England and Wales. From bake sales to dress up days and quizzes, we’ve had lots of fun this week while raising money for our partners.

The Liverpool Bake Sale raised £122.50

The South West Team raised £79.80 with their Bake Sale efforts

Our Midlands Team also hosted a Bake Sale which was a huge success!

The Axcis London Team in their Onesies

The Axcis South West and Wales Team had a PJ day!

Axcis London also had a baby photo quiz in support of World Autism Awareness Week

And we are still going!

World Autism Awareness Week isn’t over yet and the activities in our offices are still going on. To stay up to date with our antics, or to see how much we’ve raised, keep an eye on our social media pages (links on the bottom right of this page).

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