Simple Mother’s Day craft gifts you can make with your class

Are you looking for simple, inexpensive Mother’s Day craft ideas? Then look no further! You’re sure to bring a smile to mum’s face with one of these projects. From paper flowers and pots of love to simple beauty treats for her skin and hair – you’re bound to find something suitable here to use with your children in class or at home.

1 – Sea Salt Spray

Give mum "beach hair" for Mothers Day by making this lovely salt spray. Credit Flickr CC

Give mum “beach hair” for Mother’s Day by making this lovely salt spray. Credit Flickr CC

Either save a spray bottle which can be re-used or buy an empty plastic spray bottle from your local chemist and you can make this incredibly easy gift which every mum will love!

What you’ll need:

  • Plastic spray bottle
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • Hot/warm water
  • Almond oil (or any type of conditioning oil will do)
  • Plain envelope labels/sticky labels to “brand” your product


  • Fill your spray bottle with warm/hot water almost to the top
  • Add a big pinch of sea salt and a couple of teaspoons of oil
  • SHAKE for a minute or two (you could do this to music to make it more fun for your class and keep them going for long enough to dissolve all the salt)
  • Design a label and stick it on
  • Voila! A simple yet desirable gift that mum will love (especially if you know she buys sea salt spray for her hair!)

2 – Forever Flowers

Tissue paper makes for a more delicate finish to your Mother’s Day forever flowers. Credit Flickr CC

Turn old newspapers or coloured tissue paper into a pretty bunch of flowers with this fun, simple craft project

What you’ll need:

  • Newspapers or coloured tissue paper
  • Poster paints
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Tape


  • Cut newspaper/tissue paper into circles (you could draw around a saucer or something of similar size like a roll of tape)
  • If using newspaper, paint and allow to dry. Skip this step if using tissue paper
  • Layer 2 circles of paper on top of each other and  fold in half
  • Lay a pipe cleaner in the middle (tape to secure) and then “roll” into a rose shape (it doesn’t matter if they are messy)
  • Pinch the bottom of the flower together and fix with a piece of tape
  • Fan out the top of the flower a bit with your fingers
  • Repeat until you have a bunch of pretty flowers!

3 – Toilet Roll Vase (ideal for your paper flowers)

What you’ll need:

  • Toilet roll tubes
  • Poster paints
  • Newspaper


  • Ball up some newspaper and shove it into the toilet roll tube to form a base (needs to be fairly tight) – put tape over bottom to hold in place
  • Paint pretty patterns or flowers onto toilet roll tube
  • Allow to dry
  • Voila – a vase for your paper flowers!

4 – Sugar and Spice Body Scrub

Make a simple body scrub for Mum which smells divine! Credit Flickr CC

A simple body scrub which can be made using cheap ingredients and which mum will love!

What you’ll need:

2 tbs brown sugar
1 tbs almond oil
1 tbs ground oatmeal
1 tsp ground cinnamon
A container with a lid or a small zip lock bag
Plain sticky labels


Mix all the ingredients together and spoon into your container. Design a pretty Mothers Day label for your body scrub. Give to mum!

5 – Love Pot

Turn an old flowerpot into a pot of love for Mother’s Day. Credit Flickr CC

Mum will love this flowerpot with love sprouting from it – a cute idea for a Mother’s Day gift

What you’ll need:

  • Small flowerpot
  • Stiff cardboard
  • Wooden skewers
  • Flower pot “oasis” foam or some polystyrene
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Paint/glitter glue and any other craft items for embellishment


  • Either using a template, or by designing your own letters (teachers may need to differentiate on this one!), Cut out the letters L O V and E from your card TWICE
  • Layer the two L’s and sandwich a  wooden skewer between them. Use double sided tape to fix the two pieces of card together
  • Repeat for your other 3 letters (you could also do some added flowers for your pot – extension activity for teachers?)
  • Now cut a block of polystyrene or oasis to fit your flower pot
  • Paint and decorate your letters (and flowers if you’re adding some) and poke into the flower pot until dry

We hope you enjoy our Mother’s Day craft ideas – if you do these with your classes please send us photos – we’d love to see how you get on. Or post them on Twitter and @axcis in them to share your projects with us and the world.

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  1. These are the ultimate craft gift ideas. I love my mother very much and I would love to give “Forever Flowers” to my beautiful mom.

    Thanks for sharing…

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