Need help with SEND jobs or staffing in the South West? Our recent hire can help!

Are you looking for assistance to find a new SEND job in the Manchester area? Or perhaps you need to recruit SEND staff for your school or provision? If so, then our recent addition to the Axcis Manchester team can help! Find out more about Paul Wanless here as well as how you can register to work with him and his lovely team here.

We asked Emma to tell us a bit about herself…

Emma Court, Senior Education Consultant for Axcis South West

I have been involved with recruiting staff for schools since 2007, and prior to that I worked as a SENCo in a nursery setting. I therefore know the sector inside-out and have a very strong understanding of how to manage the process of recruitment on behalf of schools and alternative provisions.

I am passionate about special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) because I feel strongly that all children should be afforded the best possible start in life, and their school experience is a huge part of that. I believe that all children can experience joy and success in their education if they are complimented by teaching and support staff who understand their needs and are passionate about the role they play.

I work hard on behalf of both my schools and candidates and take my role very seriously. I would rather not fill a vacancy than send a person in for a job if I didn’t believe they would be great for it. In my spare time, I enjoy football, walking and socialising. I also love to travel and make the most of my holiday time with friends and family.

Would you like to work with Emma?

If you are seeking work (or staff) in South West England, then get in touch with Paul today to see how he can help. Or if you’re seeking work in any other area, register online and we will put you in touch with your personal consultant in your local office.

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