Supporting your autistic pupils (Guest Post)

Our friends at the National Autistic Society have kindly provided this guest post on how you can support autistic pupils in the classroom using their MyWorld resources, proudly sponsored by Axcis.


Autism is a development disability that affects people for their whole lives from childhood through to adulthood. If you’re autistic, you might experience the world differently and can sometimes find communicating and relating to others challenging. It’s like you’re getting too much information and it can make daily life overwhelming. There are around 700,000 people including children in the UK living with autism – that’s more than 1 in 100.


As an educator, you may be familiar with students on the autism spectrum and aware of the varying experiences of autistic students in your classroom. Some autistic students’ difficulties may not be obvious or they may not appear to fit the same profile as other autistic children that you know. Every autistic person is different.


You are a key component in the support network of children with autism diagnosis, you may be the first to notice autistic traits in a child. The National Autistic Society wants education professionals to step into the world of children with autism to understand their unique needs.


MyWorld is the National Autistic Society’s resource programme, offering support for teachers and education professionals. The MyWorld resource offers real-world knowledge based on first-hand experience. If you have an autistic student in your class, you may not know about the many small ways in which you can help them to have a better time at school. Sometimes it’s a little bit of the right kind of extra support which can make all the difference to someone on the autism spectrum who is struggling.


“Knowing I have the resources to support the children with autism coming into my class makes things much easier.” Ayesha, Teaching Assistant


MyWorld is free and fortnightly newsletter, providing you with tips and expert professional insights to help your autistic students have a better time at school. Whether you are new to autism and feeling slightly lost, or an SEN expert looking to keep on top of the latest thinking, MyWorld is here to make to make things easier.


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