Candidate of the Term: Winter 2018 Winners

Who are the winners of the Axcis Candidate of the Term Winter 2018 awards? And what did they do to go above and beyond the call of duty for the schools they are working in?

The nominees

We had lots of lovely nominations from the schools we work with. These were all published on our blog for anyone who missed them. Selecting three winners wasn’t easy, and all nominees received a certificate of appreciation for the hard work they do, but after much deliberation, winners were selected…

And the winners are…

Stuart, working for Simi, Axcis London

Reason for nomination:

I would like to nominate Stuart Smith. Stuart has been an amazing addition to our staff team. He has developed an amazing relationship with the young man he is working with. His support, guidance and positivity have turned this young man around. In July, the year 4 child he is now working with was at risk of exclusion and his behaviour was escalating. Now, with Stuart’s support he is able to access and engage with learning alongside his peers. Stuart has also taken the initiative to identify further areas for support and learning and worked with myself, the class teacher and the young mans parents to begin developing a wider additional curriculum to address current and future difficulties he may face. It is a pleasure to work with Stuart and I cannot commend him highly enough. His impact has been noted throughout the school by staff as to the positive influence he has been. ​

How Stuart felt about winning

Stuart was very surprised to be a winner this term!

Simi kept Stuart’s nomination a secret, so when she arrived at the school to present his award, he had no idea that he had won, or had even been nominated! Steph Taylor (deputy head/ Senco) had asked her to attend their achievement assembly, where they recognise pupils who have done a great job this term. Simi was invited up to say a few words about Stuart and present him with the award.


As you can imagine Stuart was pleasantly surprised!


The school had commented on the amazing work he has done with the pupil he works with, and how far that particular pupil has come, and this is all down to Stuart. The deputy head mentioned that Stuart really has a great sense of humour and is an integral part of the staffing team at the school.

Michael, working for Jennifer, Axcis South Wales

Reason for nomination:

I would like to nominate Michael. He has been a real asset to us. He is totally committed to the welfare and well-being of the pupils, and goes that extra mile to work to that end. He often stays late to feedback on issues occurring during the day, and will puts himself out to meet the needs of a very complex and challenging cohort of pupils. He will often discuss ideas for the programme that have occurred to him over the weekend, as he is happy to develop ideas in his own time. All the pupils have an excellent relationship with him, which is a testament to his ability to meet them at their level, despite being professional at all times. I cannot recommend him highly enough for this award.

What Michael said about winning:

Michael with Jayne (left) and Jennifer (Right)

Thank you for the certificate, chocolates and the vouchers. Thank you to everyone at Axcis Education Recruitment for all that they do behind the scenes to keep me in my role and employment. I am a delighted to have found an incredible position through Axcis Education Recruitment. I am thankful for the opportunity to represent the organisation with the excellence it deserves.


I am extremely proud to see my work acknowledged by Jayne. This achievement is unquestionably a by-product of the collective work and dedication put in by all of the staff, teachers and young people I work alongside.  Beyond my own enthusiasm, motivation and dedication for my role, Jayne has played an instrumental part in my development and success with the Niche Teach Team. Jayne is an exceptional team leader. Jayne enables me to work with the young people in a way my skill set is best suited and this aligns with what the needs of the young people. Her belief in my skills and qualities makes my job more enjoyable and easier to deliver. I am invited to team meetings, training, my ideas are considered and since my first day I have been welcomed as one of the team.


Jayne has wealth of knowledge and experience and her willingness to share it on a daily basis means I have her support, leadership and mentorship to turn to at all times. Jayne is a wonderful person for who I have great admiration and appreciation for. The truth is the award belongs to Jayne as much as it does to me. The teachers I work with are absolutely fantastic. I enjoy being part of a team (Axcis included) working with both the short and long term interests of the young people of the utmost importance.

Aaron, working for Sorcha, Axcis London

Reason for nomination:

Aaron has been a huge asset to his class team over the past few weeks.  Since day 1 he has fitted right in as part of the team, he is extremely reliable and has used his initiative on many occasions when working with some of the more challenging pupils in the class.  He has a great rapport with the young people he works with and his laid back manner has a calming effect.  He has performed way above what we would ever normally hope or expect from our temporary staff.  It is testament to Aaron’s work attitude and general persona that he has been nominated as both WOW team member for one week and as a Star in Our School at a celebration day we held at school last week.

How Aaron felt about winning

Aaron was thrilled to win an Axcis Candidate of the Term award

Aaron was delighted with his voucher and touched that the school nominated him even though he has only recently started with them. Aaron said that the school have made him feel welcome and part of the team from day one – he loves his job and it is a pleasure to work at Linden Bridge school

Do your Axcis staff go the extra mile?

If your Axcis contractor goes the extra mile and you’d like to nominate them for a Candidate of the Term award, don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog for when nominations open for our next round of awards. Or if you’d like to hire one of our fantastic teachers or support staff, why not get in touch with your local office or email us your vacancy today?

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