Candidate of the Term – Winter 2018 Nominations

Who has been nominated and why for the Axcis Candidate of the Term Winter 2018 awards? Some of the lovely nominations we have received are listed here. Why not take a look?

Nilgun, working for Simi, Axcis London

Nilgun has made a huge difference in the learning of the child she supports. She is warm, friendly and highly professional. She always uses her own initiative and is a problem-solver. She is also always keen to learn new things and help others out, going above and beyond!

Stuart, working for Simi, Axcis London

I would like to nominate Stuart Smith. Stuart has been an amazing addition to our staff team. He has developed an amazing relationship with the young man he is working with. His support, guidance and positivity have turned this young man around. In July, the year 4 child he is now working with was at risk of exclusion and his behaviour was escalating. Now, with Stuart’s support he is able to access and engage with learning alongside his peers. Stuart has also taken the initiative to identify further areas for support and learning and worked with myself, the class teacher and the young mans parents to begin developing a wider additional curriculum to address current and future difficulties he may face. It is a pleasure to work with Stuart and I cannot commend him highly enough. His impact has been noted throughout the school by staff as to the positive influence he has been. ​

Jason, working for Nicola, Axcis London

I would like to nominate SLA Jason as he really brings out the best in students, he always listens intently to them and shows interest in everything they do.  He is very committed to encouraging independence and promoting our differences as strengths.  He always goes above and beyond and nothing is too much trouble.

Carol, working for Liam, Axcis Liverpool

We would like to nominate Carol for TA of the term as she is a dedicated and hard working member of the team, always willing to get involved in all aspects of school life, more often than not going above and beyond her role. She is polite, friendly and gets along with everyone within school and always has a smile upon her face! She would be an asset to any school.

Jess, working for Sorcha, Axcis London

Ok if I could put forward Jess that would be great. Jess works really well with our pupils, go above and beyond their duties to make sure the pupils always have a great time at school and well as being friendly and happy so I would like to nominate her.

Nadine, working for Morgan, Axcis South West

I nominate Nadine for Candidate of the Term because she is so flexible, reliable, supportive, caring, easy going, knowledgeable, thinks about the whole child, gets stuck in to anything and is just lovely to work with!  I’d love for Nadine to get this as she has had quite the time of it lately with her boiler not working and sorting that out- at a small fortune- she needs a treat!

Pippa, working for Morgan, Axcis South West

I would like to nominate Pippa for the candidate of the term, she has been absolutely amazing, she has been instrumental in the transition of a year 10 student into the SEMH unit, she has worked incredibly hard to support him and integrate him into Broadlands Academy.  She is reliable, punctual, empathetic, enthusiastic, has a broad knowledge of challenging students and can use strategies and ideas to support in a very effective manner.  Pippa is also a very good team member, she has instantly fitted in well with our staff and students at Broadlands and has been a pleasure to welcome to the academy.

Chloe, working for Morgan, Axcis South West

We would like to nominate Chloe. She is so always so enthusiastic and positive; kind and warm with children and staff;  has taken part in wider school opportunities; has great working relationships with all the children and staff and goes above and beyond expectations.

Amy, working for Jennifer, Axcis South Wales

I would like to nominate  Amy. She is brilliant with Lucy; always so up beat, she is very patient with Lucy. Lucy has made good progress working with Amy.

Bev, working for Kathryn, Axcis South West

I would like to put Bev forward as she has been the longest standing Axcis working with us, her work is excellent, her attitude is positive and upbeat, she is sensitive to the needs of our pupils, she is flexible and versatile.

Simon, working for Morgan, Axcis South West

Simon – For his can do attitude and always facing any challenges with solutions. He is one of the most polite and courteous gentleman I know . The relationship he has built with his 1-1 pupil is one of trust and he attunes to the child’s needs with true empathy. Everyone needs a Mr Simon in their school! All the others are excellent too.

Monika , working for Kathryn, Axcis South West

Monika – has been an absolute rock for one of our high-needs student – attuned to his needs and totally supportive as his attachment figure in school.

Manjit, working for Kathryn, Axcis South West

Manjit – has been such an asset to our Resource Base, even offering her break times to support with personal care and helping out in lunchtime club. She is amazing!

Kerry , working for Kathryn, Axcis South West

I’d nominate Kerry. She stepped into a role where she’d had experience with Autism but not with this age group. She is confident to ask questions to check her understanding and will offer ideas and opinions that are meaningful and well thought out. She is the first to step in when help is required asking for guidance without launching in inappropriately. She offers support to new staff even though she is really new herself. She ensures that staff are consoled and supported when necessary, never leaving the job to someone else. Her empathetic nature makes her a warm, caring person to share, communicate with and manage. She has established relationships with students at lightning speed. She is confident to challenge decisions with appropriate meaning. She is punctual and reliable. She creates a calm and warm atmosphere in the base, and is someone I rely on more and more.

Angie, working for Alessandro, Axcis South West

Angie is amazing and would be a fabulous nominee. She has slotted into our team fantastically. She came in with an extremely challenging role. However throughout she has remained professional, resilient and dedicated to the needs of the children and the team. Angie always has a smile on her face, she will do anything or work anywhere in the school at the drop of a hat. She is flexible and committed, always willing to go above and beyond! It is like she has always been there. We love having her on our team.

Michael, working for Jennifer, Axcis South Wales

I would like to nominate Michael. He has been a real asset to us. He is totally committed to the welfare and well-being of the pupils, and goes that extra mile to work to that end. He often stays late to feedback on issues occurring during the day, and will puts himself out to meet the needs of a very complex and challenging cohort of pupils. He will often discuss ideas for the programme that have occurred to him over the weekend, as he is happy to develop ideas in his own time. All the pupils have an excellent relationship with him, which is a testament to his ability to meet them at their level, despite being professional at all times. I cannot recommend him highly enough for this award.

Aaron, working for Sorcha, Axcis London

Aaron has been a huge asset to his class team over the past few weeks.  Since day 1 he has fitted right in as part of the team, he is extremely reliable and has used his initiative on many occasions when working with some of the more challenging pupils in the class.  He has a great rapport with the young people he works with and his laid back manner has a calming effect.  He has performed way above what we would ever normally hope or expect from our temporary staff.  It is testament to Aaron’s work attitude and general persona that he has been nominated as both WOW team member for one week and as a Star in Our School at a celebration day we held at school last week.

Janet, working for Kate, Axcis South West

We would like to nominate Janet for candidate of the term as she has gone above and beyond to support our students and been a great tem player.

Kirsten, working for Alessandro, Axcis South West

We’d like to nominate Kirsten – she would be an amazing winner. Kirsten is passionate, knowledgeable and caring and has fitted in so well at St Matthias. A truly lovely teacher who the pupils respect and enjoy her classes. Even if she does not win the award, please feel free to reiterate this to her!

Nominations are now closed

Nominations for Candidate of the Term are now closed. However, if you have an Axcis contractor who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, why not get in touch with us to nominate them for next terms awards? We appreciate every nomination, and so do our candidates! Winners for these awards will be announced soon – so watch this space!


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