What really matters to children and how can you make their summer holidays memorable without spending much?

Are you moaning that you can’t afford a decent holiday this year and are worried that your child will be missing out on wonderful summer memories as a result? Find out what really matters to children here and how you can give them some magical days to remember over summer without spending a penny.


This morning I was laying in bed reading over my social media feeds and trying to find the energy to get myself up and going for the day. It’s a scene that I’m sure many people reading this blog are familiar with. I came across this article, which seems to have gone viral. It’s about a palliative care doctor in Cape Town called Dr. McAlpine. His job is to ease the suffering of children who have limited life remaining, and to help them to have the most joyful final days possible, as well as a dignified and pain-free death.


Dr. Mcalpine decided to do an informal survey with his patients. He wanted to find out what really mattered to these children. The results are not particularly surprising, but they act as a poignant reminder that expensive holidays are certainly not the be all and end all to enjoyable summer days in the eyes of our young people.

What mattered most to the children?

Dr McAlpine posted his results in a series of Tweets, which you can see below:

So, What is a perfect day for a child?

In his final Tweet, Dr McApine tells us that, as parents or carers, we should simply:

OK, so we are not all fortunate enough to live near a beach, so it won’t constitute a free day out for everyone reading this. But there are also lovely parks spread far and wide with fantastic water play areas. There are rivers, lakes and streams to play by, so get a packed lunch made, take the kids out and play with them. Put your phones away, and don’t rush your way through the next bedtime story. Summer is about making memories that you and your children will cherish forever, so make them while you can because we never know what’s around the corner.


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