Why did our new staff choose to work for Axcis?

So often when testimonials from staff are published, they are written by long-standing members of the team who have experienced success and as a result are likely to be keen to sing the praises of the company they work for. But what about new staff? Why did they choose to work for Axcis? Find out here.

What our new staff say about working for Axcis

Cassie in Liverpool


‘’I accepted a role with Axcis because I wanted to work for a company who specialised in SEND. Working for Axcis has exceeded my expectations, there are not many people who can say ‘I love my job.’ I am proud to be part of the Axcis team.’’

Jen in Bristol

‘’After working for two large corporate education supply agencies, I wanted to steer away from the inpersonable experiences that most schools witnessed. I spoke to one of my colleagues who recommended Axcis and after working here for the passed 3 months I’ve finally found the perfect Account Manager position, where I can focus on bringing experience, dedication and a personal touch to my role.’’

Rebecca in Liverpool


‘’It’s coming up to a year now that I’ve joined Axcis and I honestly can say that since I started I haven’t looked back.  My managers at Axcis are a great mix of guidance without the aspect of micro management that some other companies seem to have.  At Axcis I am supported to be the best I can be but given the freedom to try out new ideas and approaches.  I would recommend working for Axcis to anyone!’’

Kathryn in Bristol


‘’I was thrilled to be offered a Team Leader job here at Axcis, this company is a pleasure to work for. The company truly cares about finding the best SEND Teacher/Teaching Assistant for their clients, and really listens to what their candidates and clients want. The company really recognises every clients individual requirements and therefore always gets the perfect match! I really do love working here at Axcis.’’

Graham in Manchester


“I chose a role with Axcis because of the family feel to the organisation and focus on SEND which is an area that I have a lot of experience and interest in, their partnerships in the sector and quality of branding. I chose the role for a company that focused on outcomes rather than KPIs and a flexible approach. There was a clear strive to succeed and be the best in SEND and had big ambitions. I also chose the role as I had the opportunity to start from scratch after building a large desk over 5 years, with all the challenges that go with that.


There is still a great family feel at Axcis and it’s positive that processes are always being looked at for improvement. Manchester is a fairly new office still in the grand scheme of things when considering other big players have been in the Manchester market for 20 years and taking in to account the yearly cycles of the education recruitment market so it’s really nice to be part of a smaller office that has lots of potential to grow in to a big successful office and to be at the start of that happening with a solid team and foundation.”

Would you be interested in a recruitment role with Axcis?

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