WIN! A £250 garden centre voucher for your school by taking part in our “Sensory Garden Feature” competition.

Many schools now offer their students access to a sensory garden or room (some schools are fortunate enough to have both!) The benefits of these are well recognised for boosting the mental health of our youngsters. But setting up and maintaining a sensory space can be expensive! That’s why we have decided to run a competition this summer. Get your class involved for a chance to win a £250 garden centre voucher.

Design a sensory garden feature for your chance to win £250 in garden centre vouchers* for your school

A sensory garden from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Credit Flickr

How to enter

  1. Use our FREE lesson outline (below) to help your students/class to design a sensory garden feature (or feel free to plan your own!)
  2. Organise the building of your chosen feature/ornament with your class/group
  3. Copy the entry form/table (below), paste it into an email, complete it and send it to us with a photo or video of your garden feature to:
  4. A winner will be selected at the end of term and the school will win £250 in garden centre vouchers (*local centre of your choice)

Design a sensory garden feature – lesson outline

Aim/objective: to design and build a sensory garden feature/ornament

Starter Activity

Show the class a range of craft items (can be fitted to what you have available, but some suggestions are listed below). Ask which would be suitable for making an outdoor feature/ornament? Main consideration is whether they are waterproof (or can be made waterproof). You could extend this activity by asking students to put each item into a bowl of water and see which items would be rain-proof outside and which would not…


Suggested items:

  • Axcis Andy loves to get out in the garden!


  • Card
  • Plastic pots/bottles
  • Rice
  • Mirrors
  • Straws
  • String
  • Sticky tape
  • Paint (water-resistant/outdoor paint will be required if using)

Main activity

Divide the class into small groups and ask them to use poster paper and pens to come up with a design for a sensory garden feature. Ask them to consider the following things:


  • Will it be weatherproof? (linked to starter)
  • Do we have/can we get the things needed to make it?
  • How would you build it?
  • What sense will it stimulate?
    • Smell
    • Sight
    • Touch
    • Hearing


Ask the class to show their designs to the rest of the group – vote for the design they’d like to build


A follow on lesson/activity should then be organised for the building of the actual ornament. This session could include completing the entry form for the competition.

Entry form

Simply copy and paste the table below into an email, fill in your details and send it to us, along with a photo or video of your sensory garden feature to

  Please complete this column
School name


School address


Brief description of your ornament/how it meets the brief


Details of the class/group entering the competition (more than one class from a school may enter)


Who to get in touch with if you win


Contact details (email/phone) for who to contact if you win



Please note:

  • Details of entrants and winners may be posted on Axcis social media pages, as well as any photographs submitted by the entrants.
  • Closing date for entry is Friday 13th July 2018.
  • Schools may submit more than one entry, but only one entry per class/group will be considered.
  • Winners will be announced within 28 days of the competition closing.
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