What do our staff say about working for Axcis?

What’s it like to work for Axcis Education Recruitment? Hear from our staff members and decide for yourself!


A little shoutout to everyone at Axcis – having been in multiple agencies I can honestly say I have never worked somewhere so inclusive, positive and encouraging.


For those that haven’t worked elsewhere in the industry – DO NOT LEAVE


There’s nowhere better than here


I have been at Axcis for over a year and it was the best decision I made. Prior to joining Axcis, I always thought I would not go into recruitment especially after working for cut throat sales companies. However, once I went for an interview and found out more I can honestly say that Axcis is great company that really make you feel like part of a family as appose to just a number. I had no recruitment experience before joining Axcis and I really benefitted from all the training and support that was offered to me.  After a year of being here and working hard I was promoted to a Senior Consultant and could really see that the hard work I put in was appreciated and valued. Axcis really look after their staff and reward hard work. I can’t wait to continue growing my career here at Axcis! Kira, Axcis Midlands


Having come from a commercial recruitment background working fairly generic roles, I found the move to Axcis a real breath of fresh air. Specialising in the SEND sector gives us a real purpose to our schools, and helping them with their children who are most in need is really rewarding. I knew from my first interview that Axcis was a company I really wanted to be a part of, and that continues to be true to this day!


The training provided was exceptional and really helped getting me up to speed from pretty much a standing start in terms of SEND and the Education sector as a whole. The on-the-job training is fantastic as well, if you’re ever unsure of anything there is always someone who is happy to take time out of their day to assist you!


I’ve worked in 2 of the offices here and I can honestly say that the working environment is really fun, and everybody really mucks in for one another to make sure we all celebrate our successes together as a company rather than an individual mentality. The opportunities you’re provided alongside the structured support to achieve your own personal goals is second to none, and I couldn’t recommend Axcis enough to anyone I speak to in recruitment!


Helena on the Axcis stand at a recent event

I’m Helena, and I’m an Executive Account Manager in the London office. I was last years’ top biller for Axcis, and have been with the company for nearly four years. However, if you had asked me four years ago what I thought I’d be doing now, recruitment would definitely not have been on the list! So I guess the question we’re asking here is, ‘What changed your mind?’


The answer is: Axcis. And it’s not about pay or commission: it’s about values.


When I joined Axcis as an Account Manager in 2014, I had absolutely no recruitment experience – and I started just two weeks before the start of the new academic year! It could have been a stressful and debilitating experience, but thanks to Axcis’ uniquely supportive atmosphere, I was able to meet the challenge head on. Having heard some horror stories before starting in recruitment, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the family feeling at Axcis. There may be a healthy sense of competition between consultants – after all, we do work in sales! – but fundamentally, we are all dedicated to working together to ensure that everyone can achieve their potential, whether that’s through offering guidance to a new starter, helping someone to resource in a challenging area, or simply being there to cheer on other people’s successes. Simply put, we trust each other!


I’m also proud to say that this spirit of positivity and honesty continues in the work we do as a company. In our publicity, you’ll see us describing ourselves as ‘the ethical agency’ – a term which can seem like an oxymoron to the recruitment cynic. However, as my knowledge of the sector has grown and developed, I have only become more aware of how hard we work to make sure that this is the case – from negotiating rates that honour the needs of both our schools and our candidates, to offering extensive CPD in a range of sector-specific skills that really do make our candidates more employable, and also improve the level of support they can offer in school. Nothing exemplifies this more than our work as sponsors of the National Autistic Society, in particular our support of the APPGA’s Education Inquiry in 2017. How many agencies can you name that care so much about developments in their sector that they have invested in projects that enable genuine parliamentary change?


In short, Axcis is a fantastic company to work for not just because of what we offer, but because of how we do it. If you want to work with wonderful people for a cause you genuinely believe in, it’s the only place to be. Helena, Axcis London


I joined Axcis over a year ago after having a short break from recruitment. Having been in the recruitment industry for over 10 years I have found Axcis to be the best to work for. I have always had a keen interest in SEND and love that Axcis specialise in this area. I find the services we offer is very unique and we have a great knowledge and understanding of the SEND sector. I particularly like that we are sponsors for the National Autistic Society.


The senior management team are very supportive and my work colleague’s really are a loving and fun bunch of people to work with. There are not many people who can say ‘I love my job’.  I am proud to be part of the Axcis family and I am very grateful to work for such a great company. I hope that I can progress my career with Axcis for many more years to come.


I worked for a large corporate education agency for 13 years and always swore I would never work for another agency, it was always a case of  ‘the grass isn’t greener on the other side!’ However, I was growing increasingly unhappy in my role and heard about an opportunity at Axcis so decided to make the leap. It was, without a doubt, the best decision I made! I’ve been here for 2.5 years now and in that time have progressed from account manager to branch manager to training and HR manager.


So, what do I love about working for this brilliant company? I could mention the excellent bonus scheme, that when they say candidates are as important as clients they actually mean it, the reduced working hours during school holidays, the training and coaching available, the annual company party, the fact that Axcis, in a sea of competition, actually has a genuine USP  (we are the only special needs education agency out there and are offering something that no other agencies are) but one of the main reasons would have to be the people and the supportive senior management team. Many people within the company have worked here for 10 years or longer and are supportive, approachable and passionate about providing a great service. SMT set realistic and achievable margin and KPI targets and are not afraid to  pick up the phone to join in on sales hour or go out on visits with consultants (is there anything worse than a manager who thinks they can do your job yet haven’t made a sales call in months?!) Our partnership work with NAS and our training and seminars that we regularly run for our clients and candidates give you so many reasons to call your schools and recruit the best candidates.


Having worked in education recruitment for over 15 years now I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier!’ Louise, Axcis South West & Wales



Having worked for Axcis for over a decade, I have always been grateful for the opportunities given to me. I first interviewed for the company when I left the teaching profession and made a conscious decision to give recruitment a try. I never expected my recruitment career to last more than a few years – my plan was to get on the housing ladder and then return to teaching. But I never realised I’d find my calling with Axcis! I progressed from Junior Consultant to Senior Consultant within a couple of years under the support and guidance of my managers. From there I became an Executive Consultant with responsibility for developing training and support materials and continued to run a successful desk. I then took on HR responsibilities and developed our graduate recruitment programme before going on maternity leave in 2014. I hadn’t expected to return after having my son, but again Axcis showed me a level of support that I never expected. I now work from home on a part-time basis and focus on marketing and communications work for the company.  I am eternally grateful for the continued support I receive from Axcis and hope that my career with the company continues for many years to come.  Emily, home based


My name is Tessa and I have been with Axcis since July 2013. I started off as a graduate recruitment consultant and was quickly promoted after a year. My role started to change in where I was given more responsibility every time I was promoted which has landed me in the position I am in today – as one of the Team Leaders at Axcis Education.  I currently run a small team of 2 and couldn’t be happier. I made it clear to my managers from the beginning that eventually I would like to manage a small team and with, hard work, training and coaching, we made it happen!  I can honestly say I am happy working for Axcis Education and if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be here! Tessa, Axcis London

Do you want to work for Axcis?

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