Candidate of the Term Spring 2018: Nominations

Who has been nominated and why for the Axcis Candidate of the Term Spring 2018 awards? Some of the lovely nominations we have received are listed here. Why not take a look?


Mary, working for Jessica (Axcis London)

I’d like to nominate Mary, she always turns up and never complains. Yesterday she cleaned the softplay area without being asked and today she got here from Hackney on time and without complaint.

Shonie, working for Emma (Axcis South West & Wales)

I would have no hesitation in nominating Shonie, she is fantastic, she is so student focussed and always conscientious in everything she does from supporting students, recording and evidencing the support she does, keeping accurate registers.  She has fitted in with the team incredibly well and has built good working relationships with the team and other staff across the college, she always works in a mindful and positive way and I can honestly say she would be an asset to any team.

Pam – working for Vicki (Axcis Midlands)

We would like to nominate Pam for the following reason – Pam is adaptable, is solution focused, kind, very hard-working, quietly and appropriately firm and a great team player. She is a real asset. 🙂 I would also like to say that she is a very polite and friendly person in all communications that we as office staff have with her- a real pleasure to work with.

Loredana, Gina and Zohra – working for Helena (Axcis London)

I would like to nominate Loredana and Gina – they are amazing!! I would also like to nominate Zohra whom we have seen a couple of times but has been brilliant!! I know that that makes three but I couldn’t help myself!!!

Shanice – working for Nicola (Axcis Liverpool)

Shanice comes in quietly and has a self-contained quiet manner in class. This quiet persona is just what is required with some of the autistic students in our setting. Tutors request that Shanice is allocated to their classes and we dare not suggest removing her! Shanice has shown interest in supporting in the mainstream classes and so this Friday she gets her first taste covering for an LSA in L1 Art. Shanice is very flexible, accepts without argument class changes because of staff illness or reduction in hours because students are ill. Shanice is well liked and respected by LSA staff and tutors. LSOs like her because she is flexible, punctual and reliable. Her timesheets are always accurate, and she is very good at her job.

Nominations are now closed

Nominations for Candidate of the Term Spring 2018 are now closed. However, if you have an Axcis contractor who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, why not get in touch with us to nominate them for next terms awards? We appreciate every nomination, and so do our candidates! Winners for the winter term awards will be announced soon – so watch this space!


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