Top SEND websites to bookmark

At Axcis, we have been busy scouring the internet for useful websites. From resources and training to news and blogs, our rundown is bound to yield some gems you can bookmark. So why not take a look this half term, and see what you can make use of?

National Autistic Society/Network Autism

Mark Lever, NAS CEO (right) with Catherine Friel, Senior Director of Axcis at a recent NAS Conference.

OK, so as their single biggest corporate sponsor, we are probably a bit biased, but given the number of children in our classrooms who are on the autism spectrum, we can all stand to enhance our knowledge and skills in this area. Browse the main National Autistic Society website for news and resources, or visit their hub intended for professionals, Network Autism – either way, you’ll find articles, training, resources and much more to get your teeth into!

Nasen/SEND Gateway

Another shameless plug! We also sponsor nasen – the National Association for Special Educational Needs and their website contains a wealth of information covering a range of different needs and conditions. Nasen also run the SEND Gateway, an online portal for professionals to share good practice, articles and news. It’s another top source of information for those working in the SEND sector, so if you haven’t looked before, it’s time to have a browse!

SEN Magazine

SEN Magazine is a publication you may have spotted in the SENCo’s office or school reception. It’s one of the leading SEND publications in the UK and regularly offers useful news, articles and information. But did you know that you don’t have to be a subscriber to benefit from what they offer? Their website is worth a read if you’re a professional working in SEND and it contains many of the articles you’ll also find in the paper version!

Humans, not Robots

Humans, not Robots is a charming resource website and blog written by Matt Grant, SEND teacher and SpLD specialist. There are lots of useful ideas and resources which you could use in a range of SEND settings. This site has been running since 2012 so has an established back catalogue of materials you can use, so take a look – there is sure to be something for everyone.

Special needs Jungle

This parent-led website is designed primarily to support parents and families who have children with SEND. There is a wealth of guidance on here for those going through the process of obtaining EHC Plans as well as news, resources and much more. It’s well worth having a browse of their pages.


The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has a wealth of resources and guides aimed predominantly at supporting child protection both at home and in school. So, if you need to plan any lessons about safer internet use, or how to teach children to avoid potentially abusive situations, their website is a must-look.

Special needs information press (SNIP)

Special Needs Information Press (SNIP) is a twelve page monthly newsletter produced by two SEND teachers. It supports staff in schools to identify and address the diverse needs of pupils in order to promote their learning and school success. We think it’s worth signing up and keeping an eye on their newsletter.

SEN Teacher

SEN Teacher is a specialist website which has printables, specialist links, free software downloads and search tools for all types and levels of special and remedial education. SEN Teacher is also used by many parents and teachers of younger students and children without special needs.

Complex Needs Training is a website dedicated to training materials which cover multiple areas of SEND and are clustered into modules, each of which represents a specific topic. There are 16 modules in total, split across four broader subject groups. Once you have chosen a module, you can also select a study level to ensure that you are getting the information you need from each resource. Whether you’re an established SEND specialist or new to the area, this website offers an invaluable opportunity for FREE online training.

Time to Change

This website is dedicated to mental health and offers plenty of resources, training and information which you may find useful to support your professional practice.

Special needs UK

Special needs UK is a website which aims to provide parents and educational professionals with in-depth information on schools/colleges/education centres and support groups for children and young adults with special educational needs.

The learning spy

The Learning Spy is widely recognised as one of the most influential education blogs in the UK and has won a number of awards. In February 2017 alone, there were 2.5 million visitors to the site! So if you’re looking for an education blog to follow, check it out!

Are you seeking SEND work or staff?

I hope you enjoyed our rundown of online resources and take the time to bookmark a few – there really are some gems in here! And don’t forget that if you’re seeking SEND work, or looking to recruit staff in this area, Axcis can help! So why not register for work or send us your SEND vacancy today?!


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