This is how we do “service” at Axcis, we don’t just find staff, we train them too!

If we don’t have enough staff with specialist training for a client, we don’t turn them away, we find a solution! Read on for a case study in customer service, the Axcis way!

The problem

In September 2017, one of the colleges we work with opened the ‘Safe Zone’: a specialised, safe and secure provision for students with PMLD: Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties. One of the key needs that staff need to support within the new provision is epilepsy, and the college asked in particular that all staff should have buccal training. Requests for teachers and teaching assistants with buccal training have more than trebled in the last academic year, so servicing the college’s ongoing needs as the unit continues to grow has been a real challenge.

The Axcis solution

At Axcis, we like to find solutions – that’s why we started to look into the possibility of running more regular training in this area for our staff, as part of our growing programme of CPD courses.


Then Sam joined the Axcis team, and her timing couldn’t have been better!


Sam ran an excellent training session

After consulting with the college, they were more than happy to have Sam come onsite to train their staff, permanent and Axcis alike, completely free of charge. If that’s not what service is, I don’t know what is…


Audery, who assisted on the course, said:

We had a great turn out, everyone in training got involved and asked detailed questions, I saw that many were inspired by her training and felt that now they are more prepared, to support the students that they work with.

Are you seeking SEND staff?

Does your SEND school or provision need well trained, specialist staff? if the answer is yes then why not get in touch with Axcis today? If we can’t find you the right people, we will do our best to train them up on your behalf. And you don’t pay a penny for our service until we find you someone you want to hire. So what is there to lose? Find out more on our website, or send us your SEND vacancy today!

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