An Italian art teacher’s journey into the UK education system with Axcis. (Guest post)

Axcis candidate Emanuela Di Filippo shares the story of her journey into the UK education system in this guest blog.

About me

Ema has kindly shared her story of what it’s like to work with Axcis.

My roots run deep in Italy. Born and raised in Rome, I experienced a wonderful education in the public school and University system while enjoying the local artistic scene – such as the fantastic Roman ancient ruins, the local museums and art galleries, the wonderful weather and the Italian lifestyle. Since 2010 I have been living between England and Rome. Studying English and enthusiastic about the British culture, I started my first teaching experience in local English schools and my first art exhibitions in the local museums. I have obtained a BA in Painting and a MA from Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 2009, and qualified teacher status (QTS) in 2012. Currently, I am working as an online tutor and as an artist. However, I am also looking for a position as an art teacher, Being both an artist and a teacher has accentuated my ability to perceive, understand, and create art. I am registered with Axcis in Bristol, and I invite you to visit my next artshow: Biba Inspiration, The Vestibules, City Hall, Bristol, supporting Studio Upstairs a Bristol and London art therapy charity.

My journey into the UK education system

Knowing of the teacher shortage in England and the difficult situation for teachers in Italy, in 2012 I gained my QTS in order to teach in England, and I started my new British adventure ….


In 2013 I moved to London looking to build my experience in the British school system, I started sending my CV to some local schools, but only a few answered and there were disappointments. I found lots of education recruitment agencies but I did not know which were the the most professional and honest so I felt lost and confused. This resulted in spending my first weeks in limbo in the vortex of voracious London, with only my hopes and dreams to support me.


One afternoon, I was in a photocopy shop in Ealing to print my CV for my next interview where I met by chance a lovely young lady who suggested  Axcis Education to me.  So I went home and  I sent my application … after a few hours I received an invitation for an interview at the main office in London …. and from there everything changed: I felt protected as an EU trained teacher, receiving understanding and support  from consultants. I started to work immediately as a TA in some special schools for the first months with the aim of working  as a teacher in the new school year.


My first day as a TA was in an SLD college in London –  I will never forget it. It was an intense and difficult day. I was thinking it could have been a very tough  journey in these schools but thanks to my determination and the support of the Axcis consultants, I went on collecting different experiences in different SEN schools – ranging from an SLD (specialist provision) to Primary (mainstream) They helped me to develop more skills and after six months of working as a TA, I moved to Essex and Axcis offered  me my first teaching role in a happy school in Romford. This gave me the opportunity to learn many more new things, and to meet teachers and support staff who dedicated their lives to these wonderful special students.


Today I am in Bristol – enrolled with the local Axcis office and looking to get closer to my goal of working as an art teacher and in the meantime carrying on my artistic research between fashion and art, aware of the importance of art as therapy, especially with some students.


I do not know if in the future I will have a career as an art teacher but I will never forget the support and professionalism of all the people who contribute to Axcis education. Many Thanks!

Are you seeking work with young people with SEND?

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