Free resources with the Big Schools Birdwatch

It is widely recognised that getting outdoors and experiencing nature is great for children, so why not get your class involved in the Big Schools Birdwatch? It’s running now (and until 23rd Feb), so take a look at the FREE resources which have been made available by the RSPB, do something fun and help this fantastic organisation at the same time!

The Big Schools Birdwatch – what is it?

Quite simply, the Big Schools Birdwatch asks children to spend an hour identifying and counting the birds which visit their outside space. The results are then sent back to the RSPB.

What resources are available to help?

Bird identification poster

Once you register to take part, you’ll be sent a bird identification poster. You can use this to teach the children how to recognise the different birds which come to visit.

Counting Sheet

Get involved with the Big Schools Birdwatch!

To help children to keep track of which birds they have seen, and how many, download this excellent counting sheet.

Parts of a bird worksheet

Use it to prepare for your bird watch, or as an extension or homework task. This parts of a bird worksheet could be used in several different ways. Download it here.

Make a pine cone bird feeder

Sitting and counting for an hour might be challenging for some students, so this practical activity is a great idea for children who enjoy something a bit messier! Get your instruction sheet here.

Bird Matching Game

Another fun activity for your class is this lovely bird matching game. Simply print the sheets off and cut them along the dotted lines to make your own set of cards, then match away! Get your cards here.

Other resources

There are lots of other bird-based activities on the RSPB website, so why not take a look and see what else you can use to enhance your lessons?

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