Become a Vetting Administrator with Axcis.

Are you working in a call centre, or in a busy admin role and seeking a new challenge? Have you thought about becoming a vetting administrator? Find out all about the role, and how it might suit you here!

What does a vetting administrator do?

In a nutshell, our vetting administrators perform background and document checks for our candidates before they can go out to work for Axcis. This includes things like:


You’ll need to be confident on the phone to work as a Vetting Administrator for Axcis

  • Meeting and greeting candidates
  • Sending off, and following up reference requests
  • Doing criminal records checks (DBS)
  • Processing List 99 checks
  • Checking documents such as qualifications and proof of ID
  • Answering phones/call screening
  • And lots more! This can be quite a varied role at times!

What skills does a vetter need?

Chasing up paperwork for one candidate is straight forward enough, but when you have a list of 100 candidates to work through, time management starts to become a really important skill. You need to be able to prioritise your workload and ensure that the most pressing candidates are dealt with first (don’t worry, we have systems to help you with this!) You’ll also be on the phone a lot, so being confident making and receiving calls is crucial in this role. And of course, attention to detail is of the utmost importance, too as we can’t have staff going out to schools without the correct compliance in place first. This means you need to have an eye for detail and a meticulous nature to succeed in this role. Again, we have excellent systems in place for double-checking all candidates, but the more we can clear quickly and efficiently, the better!

What do other vetters say about the role?

It’s busy! We are on the phones a lot and often have consultants asking us to clear people as a priority so that they can go out to work. If we don’t do our jobs well, people miss out on jobs, and we don’t want that to happen so we really need to be on the ball. However, the vetting team has an excellent manager and the system and processes at Axcis really help us to be able to perform our jobs well. I like my role as a vetting administrator, and I’m really glad I found Axcis!

Why work for Axcis?

Axcis is the foremost supplier of SEND staff to mainstream schools and alternative provisions in England and Wales. With close ties to both the National Autistic Society and the National Association of Special Educational Needs, we take our responsibility to the sector seriously. You’ll be working for a company with an established reputation as a market leader in their field. We have an excellent management team to train and support you and offer additional incentives such as reduced hours during the school summer holidays, prizes and rewards. We pay competitive rates of pay and value the staff who work for us. So, if you’re looking fo ra change in career, why not send a CV to, our HR Executive, or check out our internal vacancies page today?

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