5 tips for getting up for school on a cold morning

Do you struggle to get out of bed on a cold morning? Try our tips!

Ease the transition from your soft, warm bed to the busy classroom with these top tips for getting up on a cold morning.

1 – Warm up

Setting the central heating to come on half an hour before you have to get up can be a great way to ease the transition from your warm bed to a dark, cool house.

2 – Light up

If you are really struggling to get up because it’s dark in the monrings, a sunrise alarm clock can really help. Simply set an alarm and be woken by a gentle light which mimics the breaking dawn.

3 – Set an upbeat alarm

Try setting alarm music which is fun, upbeat and likely to help you to feel more energised. It can also help if your phone or alarm clock is out of reach of the bed! No more “snooze button” for you!

4 – Have your clothes ready

Standing around in a chilly bedroom trying to figure out what to wear at 5.30 in the morning is no fun for anyone. Ease your way into your day by having clothes laid out and ready to jump into in the morning (you could even put them near a radiator so they are pre-warmed!)

5 – 1,2,3… GO

Some people find it easier to get up if they build themselves up to it. Try saying 1,2….3 out loud with the intention of leaping out of bed on 3… try it. It really does work!

Do you dread de-icing the car on a cold morning? Try putting it in the garage or putting a blanket over the windscreen the night before to avoid icy delays!

Are you laying in bed when you’d rather have a job to get up for?

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