Candidate of the Term Winter 2017: Winners

Who is the winner of “Axcis Candidate of the Term winter 2017”? And what did they do to go above and beyond the call of duty for the school they are working in?

Candidate of the Term - Summer Term 2017The nominees

We had lots of lovely nominations from the schools we work with. These were all published on our blog for anyone who missed them. Selecting a winner wasn’t easy, and all nominees received a certificate of appreciation for the hard work they do, but after much deliberation, winners were selected…

And the winners are…

Sergio, working for Nicola (Axcis London)

Nomination: I would like to nominate Sergio! He has been so amazing since he has joined our school. Every class he goes into he gets so much praise and he has the ability to work with all pupils in school, from early years to post 16! Sergio is consistent, always happy and personable. He has been an integral part of a class team that has seen a lot of change this year which can be very difficult for our pupils. He works hard every day and puts the pupil’s needs first. Sergio more than deserves this award!

sergio COT winner with nicola.jpg

Sergio with Nicola receiving his award


How Sergio felt about winning:

This is what Sergio had to say about his award:


First, thank you so much for your visit to School to deliver me the certificate. Honestly, none of this would have been possible without your amazing work and great support. I also have to thank the school for this opportunity to be part of their staff and to learn every day.


 Consultant Nicola also wanted to add:

I just wanted to say a BIG congratulations again!!!! It has been so amazing to hear about how much you are helping the students and how all the staff at the school love you so much.

Samantha, working for Kira (Axcis Midlands)

Nomination: I’d like to nominate Samantha. Extraordinary work in managing to engage every single one of her students to date…. all of whom have been out of formal education for lengthy periods, and tend to be very disaffected, with special needs. In particular, she has worked with a young person in care in Erdington and prepared him for his Functional Skills English exam. He was very anxious and refused to attend his Maths exam earlier in the week. She encouraged him to attend, accompanied him and care staff to the venue and remained on site whilst he sat the exam – the first ever for him and the first step towards taking GCSE’s.


Sam came to us as an ESOL teacher but her wonderful manner, enthusiasm and positivity makes her perfect for working with disaffected, hard to engage young people. In addition she is professional in completing her casework records and in her communications with other professionals. We are lucky to count her as a member of our team.

sam cot winter 2017

Kira (left) with winner Sam (right)

How Samantha felt about winning:


After receiving her award, Samantha sent us the following message:


Hi Kira, I’ve seen it! Carol’s nomination, I mean. It is wonderful isn’t it? Its so nice to be appreciated. I’d like to thank you too for keeping the relationship so positive.


All the best, Samantha


PS. I think I’ll print it out and stick it in my diary as a motivator when things get a little rough!


Do your Axcis staff go the extra mile?

If your Axcis contractor goes the extra mile and you’d like to nominate them for a Candidate of the Term award, don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog for when nominations open next term. Or if you’d like to hire one of our fantastic teachers or support staff, why not get in touch with your local office or email us your vacancy today?

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