Candidate of the Term Winter 2017: Nominations

Who has been nominated and why for the Axcis Candidate of the Term Winter 2017 awards? Some of the lovely nominations we have received are listed here. Why not take a look?

Michaela, working for Lauren (Axcis Liverpool)

I would like to put forward Michaela. She has impressed us with her ability to take on challenges and developed a great relationship with parents, class teacher as well as outside agencies. We are delighted with Michaela’s performance and believe she deserved recognition for her hard work.

Sergio, working for Nicola (Axcis London)

I would like to nominate Sergio! He has been so amazing since he has joined our school. Every class he goes into he gets so much praise and he has the ability to work with all pupils in school, from early years to post 16! Sergio is consistent, always happy and personable. He has been an integral part of a class team that has seen a lot of change this year which can be very difficult for our pupils. He works hard every day and puts the pupil’s needs first. Sergio more than deserves this award!

Samantha, working for Kira (Axcis Midlands)

I’d like to nominate Samantha. Extraordinary work in managing to engage every single one of her students to date…. all of whom have been out of formal education for lengthy periods, and tend to be very disaffected, with special needs. In particular, she has worked with a young person in care in Erdington and prepared him for his Functional Skills English exam. He was very anxious and refused to attend his Maths exam earlier in the week. She encouraged him to attend, accompanied him and care staff to the venue and remained on site whilst he sat the exam – the first ever for him and the first step towards taking GCSE’s.


Sam came to us as an ESOL teacher but her wonderful manner, enthusiasm and positivity makes her perfect for working with disaffected, hard to engage young people. In addition she is professional in completing her casework records and in her communications with other professionals. We are lucky to count her as a member of our team.

Lynette – working for Camelia (Axcis London)

Lynette is a well-liked and valued member of the team here at Chobham. She goes above and beyond to support the pupil she works with as well as the other children and staff in the team. Lynette is kind, helpful, flexible and extremely hard working. We are so pleased to have Lynette here with us at Chobham.

Anna – working for Kira (Axcis Midlands)

I would like to nominate Anna Lilley. She has been reliable and enthusiastic and flexible in where she works across the school. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from every class group she is placed in. Her interactions with the students are high quality and relationships with staff excellent. She is hard working and positive in her approach.

Modupeola – working for Louise (Axcis London)

I would like to nominate Modupeola Fatoyinbo. She is amazing in every way- motivated, animated, enthusiastic and extremely dedicated to the children she works with. She is an absolute asset to our school team.

Joanna – working for Helena (Axcis London)

I would like to nominate Joanna as one of our best staff member from Axcis.  She is calm, confident and teaches a group of our PMLD learners.  This is a new provision for the College and Joanna has been a integral part of it’s success in this term.

Paula – working for Nicola (Axcis Liverpool)

Paula is a very good candidate – has worked very well with a new pupil to school as her one to one

Rob – working for Sarah (Axcis Manchester)

We would love to nominate Rob.  He is one of the most diligent and hardworking LSAs I have come across in all the years I have worked in SEND. He has built a fantastic  relationship with his student;  he has fitted in really well with the staff team; nothing is too much trouble.  He has given up his breaks and lunchtimes without complaint; he has stayed late wait for his pupils’ taxi to arrive; he has worked extremely hard to resolve social and emotional issues that have arisen, some of which have been very serious.  He is keen to be part of the school community such as joining the school football team.  He shows initiative and problem solves without needing step by step guidance.  His communication back to myself and his line manager are superb.  I have no reservations in nominating him for candidate of the term!!

Zara – working for Kira (Axcis Midlands)

We would, of course, like to nominate Zara. From the very beginning Zara has always been happy to go the extra mile to ensure our pupils have the very best education. She has been a breath of fresh air in terms of informing all staff, not only of pupils SEND needs but also in strategies for lesson planning, ensuring staff are aware of children who have complex needs and having an open door for staff who wish to discuss individual pupils. Would we like to keep her here, of course we would in a perfect world and……………… she always has a smile on her lovely face and nothing is too much trouble.

Jon – working for Victoria (Axcis South West & Wales)

Jon has come and joined an established team and fit right in straight away. He goes above and beyond working with some of the most difficult kids in the school and engaging them in their education. He is always polite and upbeat with all the team members and the students alike.

Samora – working for Victoria (Axcis South West & Wales)

Samora has been with us since the beginning of September and he has found his place in our “Pathways team”. He is always enthusiastic with whatever task he is given and shows initiative to help other staff members. He has recently been put to work with our kids with ASD and he has built some great relationships which enable to the kids to get better access to education. He is a great member of the team and has established great relationships throughout the school

Curtis – working for Rebecca (Axcis Liverpool)

He’s been really helpful to me giving me tips and hints as to how to improve my swimming tuition. He’s lovely with the children and always friendly and professional. He’s really proactive in our swim sessions. He sees something that needs doing and does it quietly (like putting washing on and tidying up floats). He also seems to be an excellent addition in the Sports Arena to supervise behaviour and also give some of the enhanced kids a worthwhile and enjoyable session on a Friday (Jonathan has been loving it!) I’ve only spoken to Curtis once but he told me he’d been sorting out all of the PE equipment in the cupboard and has ordered new equipment for classes. Think he said he’s setting up a football team and maybe working with Jenny with how the sports arena can be used more inclusively at lunchtimes. He’s setting up a circuit training after school club and he’s created a whole bank of resources to use in those sessions which he showed me. Curtis also said he would be happy to do Aqua Aerobics sessions to help the children who have poor movement.

Tom – working for Victoria (Axcis South West & Wales)

Tom is currently working within our Key Stage 3 pathways unit and has established great relationships with students and staff. He has stepped up and taken on extra responsibilities during both staff absences and changes in the team. Tom is enthusiastic and energetic at all times and he shows great initiative helping other team members taking on any tasks that he is asked to do.

Kelsey – working for Victoria (Axcis South West & Wales)

Kelsey is calm and obviously cares for the students, She has established some great relationships and is an exceptional TA in lessons working both with larger groups and on a one to one basis with children who are struggling to engage in the larger groups. All of the staff are extremely complimentary about Kelsey and she has integrated herself into the team well.

Nominations are now closed

Nominations for Candidate of the Term Winter 2017 are now closed. However, if you have an Axcis contractor who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, why not get in touch with us to nominate them for next terms awards? We appreciate every nomination, and so do our candidates! Winners for the winter term awards will be announced soon – so watch this space!


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