Win! This Christmas Tree Craft Set for your class



The Axcis November Giveaway is to win a Christmas Tree Craft Set for your class. Find out more about this prize and how to enter for a chance to win it here.

The benefits of art and craft for children with SEND

Children love doing art and craft, and it’s good for them, too! Here are just a few ways children can benefit from activities such as this lovely Christmas tree project:


  1. Bilateral Coordination – Doing things like colouring and cutting, require children to use both of their hands together. This skill is important in other areas including writing, tying shoes, typing.
  2. Fine Motor Coordination – In order to draw shapes, cut patterns, and write, children are required to use their fine motor coordination. These skills similarly translate to other areas of their lives including dressing and eating.
  3. Self Regulation – Crafts which require drying require waiting! This is a great lesson for children to demonstrate self control and patience. Also, things might not go exactly as they had hoped! Crafts are a great way to promote flexibility as well as an acceptance that there is no right or wrong way in exploring one’s own creativity!
  4. Self-esteem Booster – Although we want to challenge our children, it is also important to choose arts and crafts that are appropriate for your student’s skill level. Completing projects successfully will give them a great sense of accomplishment and pride.


WIN! A Christmas Tree Craft Set for your class

chrstmas craft kit

We are giving away a bundle of 16 Christmas Tree Craft Sets for you to use with your class in the run up to Christmas. Each set contains pre-cut foam trees which will stand up on their own once slotted together. You’ll also get a little pot to stand your tree in and plenty of self-adhesive decorations. If you have more able children in your group, you can add your own embellishments, too!

How to enter the Axcis November Giveaway

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning this great prize, why not enter our Giveaway? all you need to do is follow THIS LINK and select how you’d like to enter. It takes just a few seconds and is entirely FREE of charge. So why not take a peek now and get yourself entered into this month’s Axcis Giveaway?

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