Do you have care work experience? Axcis needs you!

Did you know that many of the schools we work with at Axcis require staff with care work experience? This is because lots of children with complex needs or disabilities may require care assistance while at school. So, if you have a background in this area and would be interested in working in a school environment, read on to find out how Axcis can help you!

Why should I use my care experience in a school environment?

  • There is a shortage of staff in this area, so you’re likely to find work quickly
  • Hours are usually more sociable than traditional care work – most schools (unless residential) will expect you to work school hours, in term time.
  • This work often pays better than traditional care work – speak to your local Axcis office for further information on this
  • There are some great opportunities for training and progression within the SEND education sector for those wanting to progress into this career.

What does an educational carer do?

An educational carer will usually provide in-school support for children and young people with complex needs. These needs can vary greatly and may include personal care, moving and handling, assistance feeding and generally completing day to day tasks. As you’ll be in an educational setting, you’ll also be working with the individual(s) during lessons, helping them to participate in activities as directed by the teacher.

What experience do I need for this role?

As with all classroom based work, you must have a good standard of literacy and numeracy. This is because you’ll be communicating regularly with colleagues, parents, medical practitioners and parents as well as the children themselves. You may be asked to write or contribute to progress reports and Education, Health and Care Plans, among other things. You must have a patient and calm attitude and be reliable and punctual. It’s really important for the continuity of learning for there to be as few changes in staff as possible for SEND children. You don’t necessarily need to have any previous experience working with children but this would help your transition to the classroom.

How can I find educational care work with Axcis?

If you think you would be suitable for educational care work, why not get in touch with your local Axcis office for a no-pressure chat with one of our friendly consultants? They will discuss your skills, experience and what you’re looking for in your working life, and will be able to advise you on whether they feel this sort of work would be suitable for your situation. So why not give us a call? What do you have to lose?

2 comments on “Do you have care work experience? Axcis needs you!
  1. Lori Lee says:

    I have 23 years in SEN education as a teacher and want to move to the UK. Please, I continue to submit CVs and clearance forms and get no reply..any area in UK…

    • Hi Lori

      if you email us at with your CV and an outline of what visa you hold, when you’re moving to the UK and what area you expect to be in, then I can pass your information along to the appropriate team. It is essential that you have a visa in hand as without one we would not be able to help you to find work. I hope this helps!

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