Bonfire night crafts and SEND top tips

Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot! It’s that time of year again – the evenings are dark and chilly, the leaves are falling, and we are all looking forward to a cracking (or crackling?!) bonfire night. But what crafts can you do with your children in the run up to the 5th, and what considerations should you make for children with SEND if you’re off to a display? Find out here.

Bonfire night craft ideas

There are loads of things you can do during the build up to bonfire night. Why not try one of these simple ideas?

  1. Glitter firework pictures – using black paper, draw “explosions” with glue and spread coloured glitter all over them to create a stunning classroom display images.
  2. Toilet roll rockets – using old toilet roll tubes, create a cone shaped “hat for them” and then decorate to make your own rockets. You can even add orange/yellow tissue paper shooting out of the other end to create the effect of them “flying” through the air – then hang from the ceiling
  3. Firework cookies – either give your younglings some pre-made biscuits to decorate, or make some simple sugar cookies (there is a good biscuit recipe here), add some edible glitter to coloured icing and let the children create beautiful firework designs. Allow to dry then eat!
  4. Crafty Camp Fires – get your children outdoors collecting twigs and autumn leaves then return to the warmth of the classroom to stick them onto paper, creating their very own “camp fires”. Add red, yellow and orange pipe cleaners to your leaf “flames” and some extra tissue paper in the same colours to create an interesting, textured and layered effect

SEND Tips for bonfire night

If you are taking any SEND children (or adults for that matter) to a firework display, you may wish to take a look at some of our tips below:


  • Plan ahead and talk about what a fireworks display involves – you could even show videos online so that your children can prepare themselves for what is to come.
  • If crowds are likely to be stressful or difficult to cope with, stand near the back or to the side so that it’s not quite so overwhelming as being surrounded by people.
  • Avoid standing right at the front of busy displays as it may be too loud, and being at the front of a large crowd may make it tricky to get away if you need to make an early departure.
  • Use ear defenders if loud noises are likely to cause anxiety.
  • Have a warm drink and snacks available as these are a good distraction and can be useful to calm down children who are becoming stressed
  • If a commercial display is not an option for you, fireworks could still be enjoyed from the comfort of your car at many hilltops or other places with decent/far reaching views, or by simply looking out of your window at home.


If you have any other activities or tips to share, why not add them to the comments section below? We’d love to hear them!

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