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At Axcis, we are always keen to hear from educational professionals about the fantastic work being done in their schools. Here are just a few we’ve heard from recently:

News from Phill Arrowsmith, Headteacher at Wirral Hospitals’ School, Wirral

As a special school for students struggling with mental health issues, we could almost write your ‘Good news’ newsletter for you with the amount of positive stories we have. The most current and most significant, however, are:


  1. On 10th October we held an event, in conjunction with Young Minds, to celebrate World Mental Health day and raise awareness of mental health issues.

  2. We have recently undergone our 3 day assessment for Autism Accreditation status and, although we still await the final verdict, the initial feedback was glowing about the quality of teaching and learning and the support for ASC students.

  3. We have invested significantly in Speech and Language therapy – offering increased assessments for students, in-class support, and training for staff – and this has resulted in huge changes to our support systems, as well as the in-class provision for students with Speech and Language difficulties.

  4. We have recently introduced a Social Thinking programme, primarily aimed at our ASC cohort but also used across the whole school. We have trained our staff and offered training to parents to improve their understanding and to complement the support being given in school.

Nicola from Axcis went along on the 10th October to the Young Minds event and had this to say about it:

It was a really nice afternoon. They had a student reading a poem about her depression which was really good to get the message over to other students about how people actually feel. An ex-student came to talk about his experiences and how the school and teachers had helped him so much. They also had a school band where both students and teachers were singing and playing instruments. They sang lean on me and Count on me (by Bruno Mars). The finale was that they raised a bunting across the stage were all the students had wrote something about what they think about Mental Health. It was a lovely event!

andy news

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News from Sharon Campbell, Office Manager at Gilbrook School, Wirral

Gilbrook School are collecting green tokens at Asda in Woodchurch (it’s a fundraising event for local charities) to raise money for a sensory room.

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