Teaching Assistant Survival kit – What to include and how to win one!

Are you new to TA work and trying to figure out what to pack in your school bag? Find out what advice our staff have for you here. Plus enter our free giveaway to win your own TA survival kit.


The role of the teaching assistant

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The role of the TA can vary a lot from school to school and class to class. If you’re new to this sort of work, it might be worth checking out our article about the role of the teaching assistant. But if you have done your research, know what to expect and are now thinking about sorting out your school bag, then read on to find out what advice our own TAs have for you.

What to include in a TA survival kit

We asked a panel of our teaching assistants what they would recommend you carry if you’ew new to TA work – here is a list of their most popular suggestions:


  • Pens and pencils of various colours
  • Ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener
  • Paper – ideally different types and colours
  • Mini whiteboard and pen
  • Fidget/sensory toys
  • Hand gel/wet wipes
  • Trainers/change of clothes


WIN! Your own TA survival kit

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Take our quiz and find out if you’d be well suited to TA work

If you’re not sure whether you’d be suited to teaching assistant work or not, why not take our short quiz? Simply answer these 10 questions – it only takes a few minutes!


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