Moments that made my heart melt while working as a TA (try not to cry while reading this!)

We asked our staff to share moments which made their hearts melt while working as a TA for us and some of the answers we received were just so lovely we had to share them!

“Seeing the progress of a child who had problems with his speech being able to now speak in full sentences.”

melting heart



“Having worked for a few months at my current school, I have seen true development in an autistic child’s communication abilities. This was very eye opening for me in understanding autism as well as child development over such a short period of time.”


“There have been many. Seeing a young girl who was very withdrawn and shy come out of she shell and join in with her peers. When a hard to reach pupil said “your sound Miss, most people leave here.” Waving goodbye to all the kids at the end of term and going back to the staff room with tears knowing I had made a difference.”


“At the end of my time at my last school, a whole class made me flowers with compliments and messages written on the leaves. I also worked very closely with an autistic girl who shied away from being affectionate or understanding; but on my last day she drew me a picture and gave me a hug. I am still crying about how sweet that was, and how much that meant to me.”


“One of the most rewarding moments was when one of the pupils who has done a lot to overcome her learning diffculty wrote and delivered a speech in front of the class.”


“I have just turned 60 and a student that I assist, couldn’t believe my age! and said “Whoa! You’re the coolest 60 year old I’ve ever met, you don’t look 60 and you don’t dress 60 and you don’t act 60!”

“Students I support flooded me with homemade cards, poems, and thoughtful letters of appreciation on my birthday as a surprise. Really touching.”


“Being surrounded with children can always make your heart melt. Something that always makes my heart melt, is the fact that all the children love you and they say it to you and all they want is just to hug you! Within school, it’s like being a superstar, especially if you can do cool stuff such as a few magic tricks. Children tell you they love you every day and it’s very sweet.”


“When kids specially ask for my attention by taking my hand and leading me where they want me to be (often SEN students are non-verbal).”


When children smile when they are able to do their work.”


“Just working with children melts my heart altogether. It’s lovely to see how all the children are different in their own ways.”


“Every day is different and lovely in its own way.”


“A child with autism was being rough and accidentally hurt one of his friends and it really shocked him. All he wanted was a cuddle to make sure it was going to be okay and looked so worried.”


“When the little boy I was working with said how much he liked me.”


“I can recall the moment when the pupil I was working with started to use PECS. He was quite unsure what to do and how to interact with his peers and myself.  We were practicing all six stages of using PECS starting with one pictures corresponding to an item until stage 6, eg, forming sentences like “I want” red apple, or “I want” big pencil, etc . That moment really melted my heart . Work station activity has really benefitted the pupil to improve his fine motor skills, learning what is “Now” and “Next” and starting and finishing an activity eg. Building towers using small and big Lego, learning how to write his name, holding the pencil correctly. The most important thing is gaining confidence which allows him to interact with his peers happily.”


“While in an assembly a child stood up the front to apologise. Crying, he came over, apologised and then gave a hug.”


“At the end of the year one student, supported by the ASD unit, had their last day goodbye party, after completing a marathon of GCSE exams. All the staff were very proud of him, and we could see that he felt really proud of himself, as well as grateful for all the support and effort by staff which made it all possible.”


“Heart melting moments – there are so many moments where I’m in tears to see my hard work and the children’s achievements paying off – they make me so proud.”


“One of my children saying to his mum that its ok to make mistakes because that’s what we do at school.”


“Just getting to know students for who they are and the appreciation from them for what you do and for kindness you show to them.”


“I was doing an activity where the teaching assistants are responsible for a child and we massage them along to a song and the child that I had fell asleep laying next to me and it was the most amazing thing to see. Also when one of the children in my class came and sat next to me on a beanbag and just laid there so calmly (this child wouldn’t usually do it so it was amazing). Also when I have had great feedback from the other people working with me, it is amazing to hear, especially the moment when I was going away and they requested for me to come back.”


“Witnessing children being able to make friends, being accepted by their peers for who they are, being thanked by them and their parents for helping with their struggles in life. Also, when a child has physically hurt you but sincerely apologies and regrets what they have done and offers you a hug.”


“The little girl I worked with would melt my heart every day. She has just turned 5 however is unable to walk unaided. One day she got up, called to her friend and took five steps all by herself almost forgetting she required any support. That melted my heart.”


“Just before the school year was finished an autistic boy (he didn’t communicate) hugged me and write using a magnetic letters “forgive””


“When the child I worked with would achieve something or understand something we had been going over. Moments like this made everything worth it. Especially, when I would think they weren’t understanding.”


“Students saying we’ll miss you at the end of summer term.”


“A child once thanked me for helping him achieving his goals even when he was being difficult and said thanked me for not giving up on him.”

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