Candidate of the Term Summer 2017: Winner

Who is the winner of  “Axcis Candidate of the Term Summer 2017”? And what did they do to go above and beyond the call of duty for the school they are working in?

Candidate of the Term - Summer Term 2017The nominees

We had lots of lovely nominations from the schools we work with. These were all published on our blog for anyone who missed them. Selecting a winner wasn’t easy, and all nominees received a certificate of appreciation for the hard work they do, but after much deliberation, a candidate was selected as the winner….

And the winner is…

 Abi – working for Karolina (Axcis London)

Nomination: Abi has never treated the student she teaches any differently even through the students we work with have been excluded from mainstream schools. Abi always goes above and beyond to ensure that the students get a fair chance of achieving their academic goals.  Abi, has taken students within this cohort to the next level in terms of offering GCSE’s for the Y11s.  We have students doing more than 6 GCSE’s. Students are based in the Brent Civic Centre Library daily with other members of the public studying as if they are already in college. For Abi to achieve this award would mean so much to our little service as it would show the team that she works alongside that hard work always pays off.


How Abi felt about winning:

Abi was speechless about winner her Candidate of the Term award with Axcis!

Abi was speechless about winner her Candidate of the Term award with Axcis!

When Karolina visited the school earlier this week to tell Abi she’d won, Abi was absolutely speechless! She was over the moon and said that she has never won anything before!


We asked Abi for a quote, but she was really shocked and couldn’t get her words out! Her Supervisors told us how amazing she is, how she supports them all the time and never refuse to help anyone. Abi, we salute you! Thank you for all your hard work and please accept our gratitude for all you have done on behalf of Axcis, and the school you’ve been working at for us. Have a fantastic summer – you deserve it!

Do your Axcis staff go the extra mile?

If your Axcis contractor goes the extra mile and you’d like to nominate them for a Candidate of the Term award, don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog for when nominations open next term. Or if you’d like to hire one of our fantastic teachers or support staff, why not get in touch with your local office or email us your vacancy today?

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  1. John petersen says:

    Great amazing post. Thank you for sharing this story and happy moment of Abi. Congrats Abi for your reward and go ahead…

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