Teaching Assistants – are you losing your jobs due to funding cuts? Be like Bob (or Wendy!)

Wendy helps Bob get a job

This is Bob

bob happy

Bob is a Teaching Assistant who has just been told by the school he works for that they can no longer afford to keep him on due to funding cuts. Bob is sad )o:

bob sad

Bob has bills to pay and needs to find another job ASAP.

bob bills

Bob gets a phone call from a friend called Wendy. Wendy has recently registered with Axcis and has been offered lots of work in schools near her. She tells Bob that he should register with Axcis, too. When he gets work, she will even get a referral bonus of shopping vouchers which she can buy lots of lovely things with! She might even treat Bob to something off his wish list.

bob on phone to wendy

Bob isn’t so sure. But he decides that if Wendy thinks it’s good, then it might be worth a try, so he spends 10 minutes registering online.


The next day, he wakes up to a phone call from Axcis. That was quick! The friendly voice on the other end of the phone tells him that there is lots of work in his area and that he should come into the office and complete his registration. Bob is sceptical, but he’s not working at the moment, so thinks “why not? I’ve got nothing to lose!” So he goes along to the Axcis office.

bob bed

The consultant he meets is really friendly and the whole process is easy. They even had jobs to offer him for that very week! Bob is surprised and impressed! He starts work a few days later. Bob is happy!

bob interview

After a couple of weeks of doing day to day supply work in schools, Bob is offered a long-term supply role at a school which has a new student who needs one to one support. Bob is even happier!

bob happy

A few weeks later, a parcel arrives for Bob. It’s a gift from Wendy! She got sent some shopping vouchers by Axcis for referring Bob to them, so decided to buy him a gift with some of her bonus.

bob gift

Bob and Wendy are both happy!

bob and wendy happy

Be like Bob – register with Axcis today and see if they can find you work, too.


Be like Wendy and refer your friends to Axcis – you never know if you might get some shopping vouchers, too!

Axcis are leaders in SEND recruitment and sponsors of the National Autistic Society, nasen and NASS.

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