Axcis staff “Abseil for Autism”

As proud partners to the National Autistic Society, Axcis staff are always looking for ways to get involved with fundraising for this worthwhile charity. Last weekend, two of the ladies from our London office took part in the Abseil for Autism challenge – find out more and see their incredible photos here! 

Axcis London ladies freefall abseil 262 feet!

Karolina (left) and Simi (Right) prepare for their big day!

Karolina (left) and Simi (Right) prepare for their big day!

On Sunday, Karolina and Simi from our Axcis London team went along to the Olympic park in east London to take part in the NAS Abseil for Autism challenge. On scaling the ArcelorMittal Orbit, they were greeted by panoramic views of the London skyline before undertaking the UK’s highest freefall abseil which is a dizzying height of 262 feet. 

How did they feel about their day?

The lovely Axcis ladies had a fabulous time. Karolina, who has done it before and really enjoys abseiling said that she loved every minute of it and would do it again in a heartbeat. “It’s great to feel alive”, she said.

It’s great to feel alive!

Simi was a little more apprehensive but said that once she got over her initial fear, it was lovely to take in the sights of London and see the city from a view that few of us get to see. Plus there was a West Ham game going on at the time, which they got a sneak-peek at!

The scary bit



Simi, who is a bit newer to abseiling told us that:

When you initially start the abseil you are required to lean back over the edge and walk down the side of the orbit before freefalling, with a 5 minute briefing of how to use the rope, you could imagine my fear!! My legs wouldn’t move!! So it did take me a while to snap out of this panic and fear, before I could actually begin to enjoy it.


Overall – What an exhilarating and fun experience! Would I do it again- hell yes!

How much did they raise?

So far, Simi and Karolina have raised over £500 for the National Autistic Society, and donations are still coming in!


Simi and Karolina share the winners podium!

Simi and Karolina share the winners podium!

If you would like to donate, here is a link to their fundraising page.

Would you like to work with Simi or Karolina?

If you are looking for SEND teaching or support work, why not get in touch with Simi or Karolina at Axcis London today to see how they can help you? They are always on the look out for people with a passion for supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities so don’t delay, call today!



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