Month: April 2017

Review Axcis with Google Local today

At Axcis we, regularly receive lovely feedback about the hard work being done by our teams to find teachers and support staff jobs across the country. But we also know that self-published reviews don’t carry the same weight as those

The value of early maths for prematurely born children

It is now known that children who were born prematurely have different brain structures to “neurotypical” children. What can we do to best support these children both at home and at school?    At a recent NAHT Conference, the eminent Professor Barry

Autism articles from our partners at Network Autism

Have you missed the latest articles from our partners at the National Autistic Society? If so, you can catch up here! From advice for teachers to the latest autism research, there is sure to be something here of interest to

Axcis SEND resources overview

Support and professional development is important to us here at Axcis – that’s why we  work hard to bring you useful resources and training guides to support your professional practice. Here is a summary of our SEND resources – all

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Candidate of the Term Spring 2017: Winners

Who are the winners of the Axcis Candidate of the Term Spring 2017 awards? And what did they do to go above and beyond the call of duty for the schools they are working in? The nominees We had lots of

WAAW in pictures with Axcis

As the single biggest corpporate sponsor of the National Autistic Society, we take our responsibility to support World Autism Awareness Week (WAAW) seriously! Find out what our teams got up to with these fantastic pictures! Do you want to donate?

Top 10 tips for new teaching assistants

At Axcis, we help many people to find work as teaching assistants in schools. But if you’re new to the role, it may seem a little daunting at first – so what tips can help you? Find out our top

Refer a Consultant to Axcis and earn £1000*

We are offering a HUGE £1000 bonus payment* if you refer someone to us for a consultant role. So take a look below and get your thinking cap on – you could earn  a grand for helping a friend to get a job

3 Free SEND support courses and quizzes

NDNA, supported by the Department for Education (DfE), has created a selection of free online courses and quizzes for childcare professionals, to develop your knowledge of SEND provision. Why not enhance your skills by doing these fantastic modules? What FREE

Axcis April Giveaway: 5 Fidget Cubes

Our April Giveaway is to win a set of 5 Fidget Cubes. To understand why toys like this can be such useful tools, it is first necessary to understand a bit about sensory processing disorder. Sensory Processing Disorder – what is