FREE Fantastic St Patrick’s Day Activities

It’s St Patrick’s Day on Friday so why not get your class involved with some of these interesting, engaging activities?

As always at Axcis, we have been busy scouring the net to find you some useful and FREE classroom activities. We’ve found some on the Foodoppi website which are well thought out and well worth a look!

What St Patrick Ate

The “What St Patrick Ate” information sheet gives a lovely description complete with images to explain what St Patrick would have eaten. The website also contains lots of lovely ways to utilise this information, like pretending to be a food historian and planning a St Patrick’s Day lunchbox!

Did St Patrick Invent Cheese?

Probably not, but it’s possible – take a look at this fact sheet and use it with your class, then try comparing cheddar to cottage cheese and learn about how to turn one into the other!

St Patrick’s Day Limericks

Who doesn’t love a limerick? And when is it more appropriate to write them with your class than on St Patrick’s day? Download this guide and examples sheet to get the creative juices flowing!


Their website has lots of other ideas for St Patrick’s Day, so do take a look – we highly recommend it!


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