Exclusive! Over 75% off NAS online autism courses for Axcis staff

As proud sponsors of the National Autistic Society, Axcis are thrilled to offer a range of NAS online autism training courses to compliment the professional development of our teachers and support staff. Find out more about what courses are on offer, how to sign up and what you’ll learn here.

Axcis NAS

Axcis staff assisting on an NAS stand as part of their “Too Much Information” campaign. We are pleased to support such a fantastic charity.

Ask autism online training from The National Autistic Society

This suite of online training modules focuses on helping frontline professionals develop a better understanding of autism and gain confidence in interacting with people on the autism spectrum. The training modules are uniquely developed and delivered by people on the autism spectrum. They provide an ‘insider’s’ perspective of autism to give you a unique understanding of how people on the autism spectrum would like to be understood and supported. Who are the Ask autism online training modules for? The training is for anyone who has contact with people on the autism spectrum as part of their daily activities; whether as colleagues, clients, patients or members of the public. What is included in each module? Each module takes between 40-90 minutes to complete and has a range of interactive features including: pre- and post-course assessments, film clips, exercises and scenario based learning, and printable information sheets.

What modules are available?

1 – Understanding autism

This module provides perspectives from people on the autism spectrum about how autism is defined and experienced. The module will enable learners to recognise the strengths and challenges experienced by many people on the autism spectrum and how to respond to create enabling environments.

2 – Autism and communication


Increase your autism awareness through these fantastic online training courses courtesy of our partners at NAS. Credit Flickr CC

This module explores recognising communication differences for people on the autism spectrum and what factors impact upon successful communication. This will allow learners to respond to communication differences to effectively support people on the autism spectrum.

3 – Autism and sensory experience

This module explores how people respond to information from the senses and how this can be experienced differently by people on the autism spectrum. Learners will be better able to recognise the impact of these differences for people on the autism spectrum and how to respond to sensory needs to provide effective support.

4 – Autism, stress, and anxiety

This module explores the differences in how people on the autism spectrum experience stress and anxiety. Learners will explore the factors that impact on stress and anxiety, in order to provide effective support to reduce that impact on people on the autism spectrum.


Supporting families – gain effective approaches for supporting those on the spectrum in your family with this module. Credit Flickr CC

5 – Autism: supporting families

This module explores providing support for people on the autism spectrum and their families. Learners will discover the experiences of families, consider common difficulties and acquire effective approaches for support

Exclusive offer – over 75% off for Axcis staff

These modules are usually charged at £25 + VAT each, but Axcis is able to offer these fantastic courses at just a fraction of that price. This is because we are the single biggest corporate sponsor of the NAS and we work together on lots of initiatives, giving us access to these online modules for just £6 +VAT each. Simply contact Gary (Gary@axcis.co.uk) and let him know which module you’d like to book.

Book your module for only £6 with Axcis today

Why these courses enhance your employment prospects

“If every new member of agency staff who came to work with us had done this course, it would be extremely beneficial to us. I thought it engaged with all the key points you would want a new member of staff to take onboard.” Ralph Simmonds, Hackney Council

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