Candidate of the Term Autumn 2016 – The Winners Are….

Who are the winners of the Axcis Candidate of the Term Autumn 2016 awards? And what did they do to go above and beyond the call of duty for the schools they are working in?

cot-autumn-2016The nominees

We had lots of lovely nominations from the schools we work with. These were all published on our blog for anyone who missed them. Selecting two winners wasn’t easy, and all nominees received a certificate of appreciation for the hard work they do, but after much deliberation, our winners were selected, and seemed very surprised when their Axcis consultant showed up at their schools to present them with their awards and shopping vouchers!

And the winners are…

As usual, we had two winners – one for our London office and one for our Regional offices – here is a reminder of their reason for nomination, as well as what they thought about winning their awards:

Begum’s nomination:

Begum in particular should be commended.  She threw herself into a 1-1 role with a child with severe SLCN and volunteered to continue teaching her phonics lesson even when she was redeployed elsewhere.  She attended the child’s annual review and made helpful and constructive suggestions.  She has also taken on 1-1 roles with two other KS1 pupils with EHCPs for global developmental delay and other undiagnosed, but very challenging needs.

Begum, Candidate of the Term winner

Begum, Candidate of the Term winner

How Begum felt about winning

 ”I am very highly honoured by the Candidate of the Term Gift/Award by Axcis Education Recruitment. As a child adolescent mental health / psychiatry practitioner who aims to gain valuable and different experiences in SEN Teaching Assistant field, from the beginning up until today, Axcis has been an ultimate guide and the support received through the staff & team members is foremost. Thus, as a candidate, it is possible to share my gratefulness regarding the perfect match between one’s experiences/goals and the children (client) & school profile that the agency offers. All in all, it is a pleasure to be an employee under Axcis with guaranteed job satisfaction, fulfilling and enjoyable work experiences. ”

George’s nomination:

We would like to nominate George. his class team are telling me he is ‘amazing’ and ‘great’ and supports the students and also is supportive of the staff he works with. He has been working with two different classes and, due to the skills he has shown, he is now working with a particularly challenging class of boys very effectively. We are very pleased he has chosen to seek employment with us and will be joining us from Axcis

George with his certificate, alongside his class team.

George with his certificate, alongside his class team.

soon. So its also thanks to Axcis for positioning him with us. We are very happy to nominate George for candidate of the term.

How George felt about winning

Here is George with his award! He was literally jumping for joy that he won, was bouncing off the walls! He is here with his class team who all said how amazing he is and how hard he works and that he truly deserved to win. He was so proud and said he couldn’t believe he was a nationally nominated EA (TA) of the term let alone the winner, his class team aren’t going to hear the end of it 🙂

Do you have a fantastic member of staff from Axcis? Nominate them today! Credit Flickr CC

Do your Axcis staff go the extra mile?

If your Axcis contractor goes the extra mile and you’d like to nominate them for a Candidate of the Term award, don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog for when nominations open next term. Or if you’d like to hire one of our fantastic teachers or support staff, why not get in touch with your local office or email us your vacancy today?

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