Twitter Q&A: autism and employment (22nd Nov 4pm – FREE!)

Network Autism, exclusively sponsored by Axcis, will be hosting a Twitter Q & A with their Employment Training team on the 22nd November at 4pm (#autistictalent). The session will focus on Autism and employment and is FREE to participate so if you have a burning question and would like to take the opportunity to ask the NAS for their guidance, get a diary reminder set NOW!

Axcis are proud to sponsor Network Autism

Axcis are proud to sponsor Network Autism

About the Twitter Q & A

Our partners at Network Autism will host the discussion on their @networkautism account between 4-5pm GMT on 22 November. The discussion will look to give advice and support to professionals helping to support autistic people into and with employment, as well as supporting their autistic colleagues.  You can follow and take part in the discussion by using the hashtag #autistictalent


This a great opportunity for you to gain some valuable insights and tips in supporting autistic employees. You can tweet questions in advance using the hashtag #autistictalent, or if you’re not on twitter, email them to and they will put your questions to the Employment team during the Q&A – you’ll be able to catch up with the responses in the archive they compile on Storify after the event.

How do I join in?

#autistictalent will be the hashtag used for those who have joined in with these before and understand how they work. If this if your first Twitter chat, read on for guidance on how to join in.


1 – Sign up for a free Twitter account – First of all you need to be a member on Twitter. If you’re not already, it is simple and free to join. Fill out your profile, add a picture and follow at least the leader of the Twitter chat you want to participate in (and Axcis of course!) Be sure to follow the chat hosts, guests and browse the posts on previous chats to see who else may interest you.


2 – How to see the questions/answers – You can simply click on the hashtag on a tweet to see all of the recent tweets around that hashtag. If you try to follow the chat from your own timeline on the Twitter web site you can, but if it’s a big chat you can quickly lose the thread of the conversation. Fortunately there are a number of sites that allow you to follow the chat only and participate more easily.



You can also follow a hashtag in your Twitter client like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. Just set up a search for the hashtag and all of the tweets with that hashtag should show up in the search results. These apps range in difficulty and also in update speed. I suggest you pick one of these options, drop in a hashtag for an upcoming event and see if it works for you.


Twitter chats can be a fun way to talk about a topic, meet some people interested in the same thing as you are, grow your own network and have some fun. Give it a try!

Are you seeking teaching or support work?

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Register with Axcis and become connected to a network of special and mainstream schools in your area for work.

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